Massachusetts has somehow managed to levy a tax on alcohol twice. There is already a per gallon excise tax on alcohol in Massachusetts that is built into the price of booze. Now the sales tax will be levied on all alcoholic purchases. Boo! Hiss!

Tonight is your last night to drink tax free alcohol so you should probably take advantage of that opportunity now. Maybe go to your favorite drinking establishment and watch the Red Sox game on some tax free satellite tv, too. Oh, yea, the Democrats are levying a tax on satellite tv as well. Sorry guys.

This new tax has pissed off many brewers and package stores. One package store in particular is so pissed angry that they’ve created a pricing structure for those who are pro-taxpayer (or in the is case pro-beer drinker) and anti-taxpayer.

Buzzards Bay Brewing in Westport is offering growler refills for $6.99 to all customers who vocally declare their disdain for taxes.

If you’re a supporter of high taxes than you pay $8.50 for your growler refill.

If you’re an elected official your growler refill comes in at the government cost of $20.00. That beer was most likely produced under a prevailing wage, too.

Check em out…

Buzzards Bay Brewing 98 Horseneck Rd Westport, MA 02790 508-636-2288

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