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Foxborough, MA…Today Angela Davis, Republican Town Committee Chairwoman, has called for Christy Mihos to run for State Treasurer by launching a draft Christy for Treasurer facebook effort.  

Charlie Baker’s entry into the 2010 race for Governor has generated substantial interest within GOP circles to get former independent Mihos to run for the open State Treasurer’s seat.  

“Mihos left the Republican Party over 4 years ago and bitterly attacked our Republican nominee in the debates and television commercials.  His actions hurt our efforts in 2006 and unfortunately, the Commonwealth elected Deval Patrick who has been a disaster.  We cannot afford another 4 years of a Patrick administration, and therefore, we must avoid a bitter primary,” stated Davis.  “We would like to welcome back Christy to the Republican Party,  and we hope his motives are pure.  Due to his attacks in 2006 he needs to regain our trust. That’s why I along with others think that Treasurer would be a better fit for him both politically and professionally based on his business experience.  Christy has a sharp financial acumen,  and we need to think strategically about putting our best people in the right positions to create an excellent leadership team for our Commonwealth.”

A Mihos candidacy for treasurer would position the Republican Party to make similar gains as they did in 1990 when Weld was elected to the Corner Office and Joe Malone won the Treasurer’s office.  Baker has already identified himself as a Weld Republican and Mihos talks about being a street fighter like Malone.

Davis strongly believes with Tim Cahill chickening out of the Democrat Primary with Deval that the GOP needs to avoid both a bitter and costly Primary.  “There are only 6 weeks between the Primary and General Elections.  It will be hard to unify in such a short time period.  Hence if we could start to rally now behind Charlie Baker for Governor and Christy Mihos for Treasurer, it would be an outstanding win-win for both the party and our candidates.  This would be a key strategic turning point for the party.” added Davis.

Over the past several months the Foxborough Republican Town Committee has been extremely active.  They have held fundraisers with Todd Feinberg of WRKO and Michael Graham of WTKK.  They have also been selling 1.06.11 bumperstickers, which would be the first day of a Baker administration.  

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