Reform Sex Offender Laws Now???

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This came across on Michael Graham’s blog today.  

I’m paraphrasing from his work, but apparently there is a group who thinks that sex offenders are just a misunderstood group.  Even the criminals behind the walls know these perverts are the lowest of the low.

And guess what, these folks that that think the sex offender laws are too tough are having a convention in little ol’ Boston.

Reform Sex Offender Laws Now

Now of course, they can’t publicize their event because they suspect some people might be upset with them. Is it just coincidence that people advocating for sex offenders would comfortable in Boston when we have some of the weakest offender laws in the country?

There are some that think it perfectly acceptable to have children as their sexual preference.

Amazing what the mind can delude itself into believing.

Mayor Menino….you should be very proud.

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