Reform Sex Offender Laws Now???

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This came across on Michael Graham’s blog today.  

I’m paraphrasing from his work, but apparently there is a group who thinks that sex offenders are just a misunderstood group.  Even the criminals behind the walls know these perverts are the lowest of the low.

And guess what, these folks that that think the sex offender laws are too tough are having a convention in little ol’ Boston.

Reform Sex Offender Laws Now

Now of course, they can’t publicize their event because they suspect some people might be upset with them. Is it just coincidence that people advocating for sex offenders would comfortable in Boston when we have some of the weakest offender laws in the country?

There are some that think it perfectly acceptable to have children as their sexual preference.

Amazing what the mind can delude itself into believing.

Mayor Menino….you should be very proud.

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  • Support broad sex education for children, and empower them to make their own decisions and stand up for their rights.

    Yeah, we’re oppressing the 4 year old kids who would make their own enlightened decisions to have sex with their creepy child molesting uncles.  When will the madness end?

    I little research on their website turned up their Massachusetts group:

    MA Massachusetts Citizens Working for Reform [004]

    Contact Name: Joel Pentlarge



    Telephone: 617-390-5397


    The Massachusetts Citizens Working for Reform group initiates effective lobbying at the State House, and small discussion meetings meet now and then to discuss how best to work for sex offender registry reform. Quite a few of the 50+ RSOL participants have been working for change in Massachusetts law. Paul Shannon, the national RSOL contact, also meets with us. We urge any Massachusetts citizen to contact us!

    Isn’t that always the way?  Wrapping themselves in a warm and fuzzy sounding name that has nothing to do with the group’s actual purpose?  I could not find a PAC listing for this group.  I could not find any donations to candidates from “Joel Pentlarge.”  He was not registered as a lobbyist.

  • And I can understand where part of the motivation comes from.  There are places where someone can pick up a sex offender charge for something like public urination, and I am sure there is a small number of people who are falsely accused.  That much I can understand, but to propose getting rid of the entire sex offender registry is just completely irrational to me.

    For anyone who has ever deal with a sexual offense of a minor in this state a few points to consider. It’s very difficult to be convicted to begin with.  More often than not a plea deal is arranged to avoid trial and many times part of the deal is to just stay off the SORB.  Second, most cases are never bought to trial because MA does not allow “incamera” testimony by a minor (some states do).  Because the defendant has a right to confront his accusers we force a child to sit in open court with his/her attacker just feet away from them starring at them.  That is an overwhelming experience for most adults, nevermind a child.  Few children are up to this task and few parents are willing to put them through the ordeal.  The process can last years, and the victim is forced to relive the trauma over and over again with each legal proceeding….many parents just give up because of the torture it brings on the child and the family.

    Last, there is the whole jury concept….all it takes is a reasonable doubt in one juror’s mind and a molester is off scott-free. And what lawyer couldn’t create reasonable doubt with the testimony of a child?

    Having been exposed to the victims end of the legal system, I can say with some confidence, we have some of the weakest sex offender laws in the country.  Just atrocious.

    The myth the website reports that “sexual offenders do not reoffend” is just that…pure unadulterated rubbish.

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    that we should not be ‘demonizing those guilty of illegal sex offenses’.  If I can’t demonize them then who the hell can I demonize?

    Has anyone ever known a single incident where a guy caught taking a leak was arrested and charged with sexual offense?  I just can’t imagine that anywhere in the world is there a cop so out of touch that he would do such a thing.  Charge the guy with public urination, inappropriate behavior or whatever, but not sexual offense.