Oh Please Do….I’m begging you

ok, every once in a while I take a walk on the wild-side (BMG).  I won’t comment on some of the views there…let’s just say the are different

Anyway….This is a one of their headliners.

Deval could do for DEMS what the Bush administration did for Washington.

In an interview with the State House News Service last week

Gov. Deval Patrick hinted Wednesday at trying to draw progressive measures into the state tax code after his first term saying ….

    “I’m done with taxes for now,” Patrick said.In a News Service interview, Patrick said he has heard demands for preserved and restored state services, which have taken a beating as revenues have cratered and caseload demands have surged…………….

   Human services, education advocates and others argue that adequate state programs require increased revenue, and say the beneficiaries of those services should pay their share. Patrick told “Greater Boston” host Emily Rooney on WGBH Wednesday that he had detected an “appetite” among the public for a graduated income tax, but said such changes required a careful approach……..

    “What we have in Massachusetts is a number of wealthy people who would be willing to contribute more – not all of them, but certainly have the capacity to contribute more – to relieve some of the pressure on the working poor,” Patrick said. “Those are big, big questions, huge challenges. They need to be sorted out in specifics and not the kind of abstracts we’re talking about now, and I don’t think we’re going to get to any of those specifics for some time.”

   Patrick said, “We don’t have many really progressive mechanisms in Massachusetts, and we’re going to have to sort that out in the fullness of time, put it that way.”

Hmmmm….a number of wealthy people?  I wonder how many of those altruistic folks are currently using the optional higher tax rate on their  tax returns now?  Why don’t we just give an optional 10%/12.5%/15% boxes to check for those who’d like to volunteer?  This is almost too much fun.  Deval wants to create his own little federal government right here in MA.  Isn’t that just precious? Or more importantly has Deval ever driven beyond the bounds of rt 128?

As our own Peter P posted on the other site….

I hope with all my heart that Patrick makes a graduated tax a centerpiece of his reelection campaign.   (0.00 / 0)

Needless to say  I couldn’t agree more.  You just handed a big fat gift wrapped win to anyone who runs against you if you’re at all serious.  The GOP could run a canned ham against you with that as part of any platform.

Oh…please do….I’m begging you.

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