Offer a Helping Hand! WITH POLL!

To their credit, Blue Mass Group posts on a monumentally stupid idea by the Washington Post involving quiet paid access to ‘decision makers’ in the administration and media.

My own opinion of the matter is in the comments thread of the post.

BUT – here’s the most intriguing idea, at the bottom of the post.  Mr. David solicits the following:

Drop your ideas for awesome BMG fundraisers in the comments!  😉

Use your imagination!  What can BMG offer for a fundraiser?  It must contain the elements of sleaziness, under the table bribes, private access and government corruption as the Post scheme, but I am confident in your creative abilites!

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    1. Booze cruise with Uncle Teddy

    2. Silent auction for pregnancy termination with Shannon O’Brien.  Open to all 16 years and over – Don’t tell mom or dad.

    3. For the GLBT crowd – a night on the town with Barney Frank’s old roommate.

  • Knightbrigade

    BMG’ers play Russian roulette on Pay Per View…$49.95

  • Why don’t they just make contributions mandatory?  Seems to work for their taxation policies.

  • Tour of Chappaquiddick with Ted Kennedy.

  • The subject is Deval’s declineing popularty. Give them enough wine and they’ll lull themselves into lethargy thinking we all love more and higher taxes. Throw ALL the democratic bums out! It’s 190 all over again.

  • All entrants must be at least 85 years old.  The RMV can officiate.  I’ll watch from over here.