Obama’s big health care push tonight.

So tonight is the night.  President Barack Hussein Obama will hold a prime time news conference to convince Americans that what will solve all the world’s problems is government taking over their health care.  At 8 o’clock tonight he will use all of his masterful rhetoric to sell us this program, which is dying on the vine in Congress.  ‘Its too expensive’, ‘It will kill private health insurers’, ‘It covers questionably ethical procedures such as abortion’, ‘It isn’t working in Massachusetts so why should it work nationally’ are just a few of the concerns that both Republicans and Democrats alike are raising.

Barack Obama’s answer to all of this is that he will not play politics as usual and those opposed to the new program are stalling the necessary progress he brings to Washington.  He wants it passed and very much so before the August recess of Congress.

Here is the real problem.  The bill is over 1,000 pages long and no sitting Congressman or Senator truly understands the entirety of the program at this point.  They would like to know what they are voting for, but to understand it is to hate it.  The more people know the less they like it.  Some refer to this as ‘dead fish’ legislation.  The longer it sits out under the light of scrutiny the more it stinks.

Other supporters of Obama have tried unsuccessfully to get the ignorant masses to follow along like sheep, but with surprising and alarming reaction.  Here is a crowd that openly laughs at Rep Russ Carnahan as he suggests that the program is deficit neutral and will actually create billions in savings.

Others have reported jeering at HHS Sec Kathleen Sibelius when one gentleman claimed “it will be a cold day in hell when they socialize my country”

Obama is convinced, and rightly so, that if nationalized medicine has a chance it must be done quickly before people realize what they have voted for.  Bad government response is better than no government response.

I disagree and would argue that this kind of ‘rush it through’ philosophy would have been disastrous if implemented for other government ventures.  Imagine for a moment if the 1969 space flight to the moon was handled with such neglect.  Imagine if while questions about cost, safety and precision were being bandied about the President stepped forward and said “Let’s get the rocket off the launch pad and then worry about those things”.  We would not have accomplished that magnificent adventure to the moon on July 20th, 1969.

A truth about government is that it never ever gets smaller.  Once government has its mitts upon a process it never lets it go.  Trust that once the federal government gets hold of health care it will never say ‘Gee, nationalizing health care isn’t working.  Let’s give it back to the private sector’.  The answer instead will be ‘We need more money to make it work’, which is what we are finding out now in Massachusetts with the state run health care program.

It is time we stopped this discussion about nationalized/socialized/federalized health care once and for all.  The debate has lasted too long and been defeated too many times.  I hope tonight is the last time I need to see a President spend our money trying to make government bigger and less responsive to the real needs of Americans.  As good as Obama is at bullsh*tting us with phony promises and outright lies I don’t think even he can sell this pile of rubbish to the American people.  I hope I am right.

He does have a few points of leverage in his corner though.  First, due to the bad economy and his administration’s withholding of stimulus funds many people are currently without health care.  Perhaps Obama has only spent 14% of the stimulus funds in order to keep unemployment artificially high in order to pass massive spending programs like this?  The longer the American workforce hurts the more likely they will support big government programs.  Obama is also still on his honeymoon, but we know the mariage is headed south already.  If he waits for Congress to return from its break the public may want Obama’s head on a platter – so strike while the iron is hot.

Your thoughts?

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