Obama on Gates and Cambridge Police.

By now I’m sure many of you have heard that Harvard Professor Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct after the report of a break in at his Cambridge home.  Until now I have held back on commenting because I have not known all the facts.  I still don’t.  However, I do know enough to comment on Obama’s response to this incident.

Essentially this was his attitude:  I don’t know what happened.  All I know is that cops are stupid and racist.  These are the facts.  

The President also gets many of the actual facts of the story wrong.  Prof. Gates was not arrested in his house not upon showing his I.D. and not for breaking an entering.  He was arrested outside his house after he followed Sgt. Crowley (who was leaving) and for disorderly conduct.

The left is constantly looking for bogeymen to use to further their agenda.  On this particular agenda item, the last group to be demonized was the Duke Lacrosse Team.  The playbook is simple.  Convict first, don’t ask questions later.  Eventually that story would backfire on them.  Now the arresting officer Sgt. James Crowley is their target.

During their lives Sgt. Crowley has dedicated himself to Serve and Protect the people in the profession of law enforcement.  Prof. Gates has dedicated himself to convincing people that America is a racist country that oppresses black people.  According to the Police report, Gates went on a tirade of racist accusations before he was arrested.

Crowley, in an exclusive interview with the Boston Herald refuses to apologize.

This is not the last we will hear about this.

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