Obama on Gates and Cambridge Police.

By now I’m sure many of you have heard that Harvard Professor Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct after the report of a break in at his Cambridge home.  Until now I have held back on commenting because I have not known all the facts.  I still don’t.  However, I do know enough to comment on Obama’s response to this incident.

Essentially this was his attitude:  I don’t know what happened.  All I know is that cops are stupid and racist.  These are the facts.  

The President also gets many of the actual facts of the story wrong.  Prof. Gates was not arrested in his house not upon showing his I.D. and not for breaking an entering.  He was arrested outside his house after he followed Sgt. Crowley (who was leaving) and for disorderly conduct.

The left is constantly looking for bogeymen to use to further their agenda.  On this particular agenda item, the last group to be demonized was the Duke Lacrosse Team.  The playbook is simple.  Convict first, don’t ask questions later.  Eventually that story would backfire on them.  Now the arresting officer Sgt. James Crowley is their target.

During their lives Sgt. Crowley has dedicated himself to Serve and Protect the people in the profession of law enforcement.  Prof. Gates has dedicated himself to convincing people that America is a racist country that oppresses black people.  According to the Police report, Gates went on a tirade of racist accusations before he was arrested.

Crowley, in an exclusive interview with the Boston Herald refuses to apologize.

This is not the last we will hear about this.

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  • nomad943

    It is being said that The Reverend Al is rounding up donations for a bus ticket up to Cammbridge where he will set up the circus tent for a summer of whining.

    Oh the pain the poor man must be feeling.

    As an aside; isnt it refreshing that an agreement to drop charges could be reached so quickly by having both sides admit this was one big unfortunate mistake … on ly to have the full court press back on within minutes of the official announcment … who’s word isnt worth crap?

    Next time I break into my house, if a cop comes I think I will yell at them and make lude gestures and see what happens.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    There really wasn’t much positive that I could say about Governor Deval Patrick and President Barack Obama.  I vehemently opposed their candidacies, as neither had the appropriate experience to lead a sizable organization with any kind of discipline.  I also hated their position on the issues that matter to me.  That aside, I felt there was one hugely important underlying positive to their campaign victories – racial equality.  I honestly believed that with our first black Governor and first black President we had finally created the environment for black Americans to feel as though their status and contributions to society were fully equal to those of their white counterparts.

    I watched as Patrick’s and Obama’s political success inspired thousands of black Americans to march with pride and sing with joy at victory parties around the nation.  It really was a defining moment in time.  For the first time in our country’s long, painful history black Americans could believe that their limits in life were not defined by some cultural approval of their skin color.  These were huge victories.

    The racial wounds were healing.  We could finally put behind us the ugly and false notion that black America was inferior.  I have always believed in man’s equality, but I think black Americans, most of all, needed to see it in action, and with Governor Deval Patrick and President Barack Obama they finally had their reason to believe.  We had arrived.

    Not so fast.  The healing that we thought had come proved to be an illusion.  In what can best be described as a routine police call the state and nation are once again thrown into the ugly mindset of racism.

    These are the facts as reported by the major newspapers and the police report: A white Cambridge police officer responds to a possible breaking and entering call.  The caller reports two black men pushing in a door at a Cambridge home with their shoulders.  When the officer arrives at the residence he finds a man fitting the description inside the home.  He asks for the man’s identification and is initially denied.  Shortly the occupant of the residence does produce valid identification, but then starts to loudly (yelling) accuse the police officer of racism.  When tempers flare the officer arrests the occupant.

    It proves to be a big misunderstanding.  I can understand that the black occupant (Professor Gates of Harvard University) was tired having just returned from a long travel.  He has just spent time and energy forcing his way into his own home having forgotten his keys and using his shoulder to push the door open.  Even renowned Harvard Professors have a bad day.  But is it so hard to understand that when the officer responds to the call and a man fitting the description of the suspect is in the home that he should be asked to produce identification?  Is that really racism?

    Now we have the President of the United States commenting on the case from a national pulpit with all of the country watching.  He labels the Cambridge police ‘stupid’ as he initially admits not knowing the details of the case.  Further we have the Professor demanding not only a public apology, but that all police in Cambridge should undergo training to enlighten them to the delicate nature of racism.  No doubt there will be marches with angry mobs and accusations.  We will have to tolerate the company of men like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that earn a living re opening the wounds of racial hatred.  There will be front-page stories and interviews by the dozen on every major television news channel across the country.  

    I really believed the wounds were healing.  I really believed that all this crap was behind us.  I thought we were strong enough that simple misunderstandings between black and white were no longer going to incite anger, hatred and racial accusations.  If asking for the identification of a man that fits the description of a suspect in a home break-in is racism then we are far from healing.  In fact, I don’t think that we are now strong enough as a nation to heal that gaping hole.

    Thanks Professor Gates for stirring up all the bad memories of racial intolerance in America.  In a single accusation of racism you reversed all the illusory progress made by the election of Barack Obama and Deval Patrick.  We haven’t made any progress.  We were duped.  The wound is as bloody and painful as ever.  Thanks Professor Gates for giving me reason to never again support anyone because of their skin color.  Never again should we give black Americans a hand up because the most distinguished among them will quickly remind us that those wounds won’t soon heal.  It is still too soon to heal from our divided past.  Maybe someday in the distant future, but not now.  Maybe in a hundred years or more we will be able to accept these misunderstandings as misunderstandings and not racial hatred.  Thanks Professor Gates.  

  • First, IMO is was completely inappropriate for the president to insert himself into this issue not having direct knowledge of the circumstances.  In doing so he inserted himself into a local issue, insulted a police department, a police officer (who does not have access to national media, like the other parties), and drawn attention to a situation that has spiraled out of control.  He said he did not know the details but goes on to pronounce judgment…that is “Stupid”

    I watched the chatter over on BMG, and as I would expect opinions vary, depending on whether you’re inclined to believe the police reports or Gates.  There are a few frothing at the mouth encouraging Gates to sue the city (and risk precious public revenues ?  yikes).  I would say “Game On”…have the police union file a counters suit on behalf of the officer for defamation against Gates and name BHO a co-defendant (and Sharpton if he continues to insert himself).

    Or, we could all just forgot the whole thing and act like adults.

    Now, onto the real political part….BHO has either made a huge misstep, or a clever minpulation of the media.  He has taken focus off his healthcare mess and made the headlines about Gates.  Was this by design, or was it an oversight?

  • Quick roundup of comments on the Gates/Obama/Cambridge Police stories (as of 12:30 Thursday):

    Politico: 964 comments.  http://www.politico.com/news/s

    Boston Herald: 596 comments. http://www.bostonherald.com/ne

    Althouse: 264 comments (some of which are laugh out loud funny!).  http://althouse.blogspot.com/2

    ABC News: 628 comments.  http://abcnews.go.com/Politics

    Talk about a surge on a mid-summer day.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Just last February in an interview with Time Magazine he labeled 16th President of the United States Abraham Lincoln a racist.  Here is the whole article: http://www.time.com/time/magaz

    A fundamental part of Lincoln’s moral compass was his opposition to slavery. But it took him a long time to embrace black people. We were raised with a fairy-tale representation that because he hated slavery, he loved the slaves. He didn’t. He was a recovering racist.

    I guess if you can label the man that ended slavery a racist than it is easy to label a hard working cop a racist.  He had other interesting comments to share during that interview such as:

    Is it right for African Americans to use the N word?

    I was raised hearing black people using the N word, and I don’t find it offensive at all. I do find it offensive when a nonblack person uses it.

    Will there ever be a time when race ceases to matter?

    Race will remain a primary signifier for a long, long time.

    Admittedly I didn’t know who Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr was before two or three days ago.  Now that I know who he is and what he really stands for I am a little less impressed with Harvard University and a little less optimistic about race relations in the United States.  A man who claims to dedicate his life to the advancement of black people and their rich heritage shouldn’t make public statements about Abraham Lincoln being a racist and insisting that racism will be around for a long, long time.

  • there’s the POLICE REPORT

    What a friggin’ idiot and perpetual victim this loser is.

  • nomad943

    This just gets more interesting


  • Knightbrigade

    YES there was absolutely racism involved in this incident!!

    It was perpetrated by the Rev. Wright of Harvard….

    RULE: #1 No matter WHAT COLOR you may be green, black, white, purple, you do NOT give police shit!!!! If you do, your getting slapped in cuffs, THEN you can play the “who you KNOW” game.

    Now everyone can relate to Gates frustration of being locked out, THEN being question about your OWN house.

    BUT..to then have a hissy fit and play the RACE card is so pathetic and right out of the Al Sharpton play book.

    There seems to be a bigger agenda here, President PrompterBinky jumps in with the “stupid” remark, AG Holder calls US “cowards”, Rev. Wright, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson

    and a demographic that voted 96% for the ‘person of color’.

    Seems to me that racism IS alive and WELL..but from a surprising source….

  • I’ve read some of the comments at the Globe/Herald/BMG several blogs.  Can we just dispel a couple of myths

    1) disturbing the peace/unruly behavior is a crime, it is not protected by the first amendment even if you do it in your living room, just as shooting drugs is not protected.  ….there are lots of speech that are not protected by the first amendment…hate speech, obscenity, fire in movie theater.  

    2) The police did not lure Gates out onto the porch to arrest him and the assertion is ludicrous.  The police arriving to an unknown situation have a right to protect themselves, and an unruly person in an area with SHARP objects represents a danger to their safety.  It is not unusual to ask someone to step away from that environment

    3)  The fact the union is supporting officer Crowley is a strong statement that they have read the report, spoken to his partner, and perhaps even interviewed witnesses.  If they think the officer violated policy they would not come out with a strong supporting statement…they might offer a weak “We stand by the officer” if they had doubt, but that does not appear to be the case.

    4) A neighbor who witnessed the event directly described Gates’ as belligerent BEFORE he was arrested, and the police as calm and professional

    And consider the behavior after the arrest.  Gates went off to the Vineyard to convalesce from his ordeal and proceeded to contact every form of media he could think of to put his story out there.  The officer just went back to work.  The only time he sought the attention of the media was when he was approached.

    I’ve listened to as much as I can read/find, and after careful consideration I’d have to say Gates was not arrested for being black, he was arrested for acting like an ass to a police officer.  Bad form professor…bad form…in fact I think an apology may be due….just not to you.

  • I have to say that I have never seen racial relations at a lower level than now and getting worse.

    I am Sooooooo sick of hearing blacks whine about what a shiity deal they have that I’m ready to barf…

    Last night we heard the TOTUS descend into the racial toilet and side with a “bro” with total disregard for not having the FACTS surrounding the incident?? This guy is President????

    Then we have brother Deval again taking the side of Gates who by all indications appears to be an elite ( do you know who I am ?)angry black man with a racial agenda verbally abusing a cop trying to protect this jerk’s property.

    Now we hear he was tired and cranky with jet lag returning from China…. bullshit…the guy landed in Jersey the day before and had a nice night’s sleep BEFORE the 1 hour flight to Boston..so toss that excuse in the toilet…..

    Seriously, now we see why “hangin out” with a racist like Reverend Wright has consequences…. two prominent black politicians (david Axelrod “creations”) Obama and Deval reveal themselves as biased (racist?) people that immediately take the side of a “bro” ( because he’s black)with total disregard for the facts of the matter.

    Black is thicker than water.

    What the world needs is a few more million Bill Cosbys that don’t operate on race but operate on merit. Until that happens it’s just going to get worse.


  • of the racist agitators Sharpton and Jackson Circus  arriving in Cambridge  to stoke the fires of racial hatred? This weekend maybe? Kinda like a carnival coming to town. Hey, that’s how these two scumbags make their millions.

    We keep getting pelted with the “unity”, “together we can

    ” bullshit then these two assclowns show up to stir up the hate…how many times have we seen this circus before?….any guesses on when they’ll arrrive?

  • http://wbztv.com/local/governo

    Governor Deval Patrick called the arrest of his friend, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, “every black man’s nightmare and a reality for many black men.”

    He added, “I guess I would say you ought to be able to raise your voice in your own house without arrest.”

    Gov. Patrick told reporters he finds the incident “troubling and upsetting personally and as a friend” of Professor Gates….

  • http://audio.weei.com/m/254325

    The reason I asked — become outside. Was not and yes because — like with rest and it tells I didn’t know what I was by myself I — we saw in the what it was. People break out that was from my. Informal I have to all right. Will likely depend on so. I had no automotive other that we shall — is that this gentleman could either have been one of the people breaking in or he could’ve been. The — morneau who was unaware that there were people in this house on — right I just didn’t know.

    It is my understanding that the transcript was computer generated and may not be 100% accurate.  Link leads to the full audio.  Sorry, can’t embed.

  • A different perspective

    Skip Gates, please sit down

    You are suffering from what I call the “Ivy League Effect”

    Editor’s note: This column originally appeared on the Web site “This Week in Blackness,” which is maintained by Brooklyn, N.Y., comedian Elon James White. The person who submitted it to “This Week in Blackness” published it under the pseudonym “a Phantom Negro” because “Dr. Henry Louis Gates has reach and influence in the academy.”

    By a Phantom Negro


    The author find class and social/economic status more a factor than race