My Bad Union Contribution Loophole allows up to $15000 per year contributions

Correction: Unions have a $15,000 contribution limit loophole.  This is three times the limit for an individual or PAC.  So these contributions are legal.

After seeing the story in State House News and seeing that the MassDems have not refunded the illegal contributions from the UFCW Federal PAC, I decided to look further into their donation receipts.  There seems to be an additional $43,200 in illegal over contributions from unions that were not returned. Click on the spreadsheet below to see a larger version for the donations in question, as reported to OCPF.

Of these contributions the only one returned was to the COMMITTEE FOR A DEMOCRATIC SENATE PAC.  That contribution refund was reported to the OCPF.

I’ve not been able to find any other refund.  There are “transfers to the Federal Account” records in OCPF for the months in question but they don’t show which accounts they came from. Plus you can’t use State PAC money to donate to a federal account or vice versa.  

These contributions seem to be legal although the loophole is mighty questionable

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