MassGOP Defends MBTA Head & Slams Transportation Secretary

MassGOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour putting the blame where it really belongs, Transportation Secretary James Aloisi & the Patrick Administration.

The Bay State GOP yesterday called for the resignation of Transportation Secretary James Aloisi, accusing him of using “ugly political scare tactics” to bully MBTA General Manager Daniel A. Grabauskas out of a job.

“It’s time to put taxpayers and toll payers first, not politics. Secretary Aloisi should resign,” said state Republican Party head Jennifer Nassour. “Instead of trying to score cheap political points, ultimate Big Dig insider Jim Aloisi should come clean from his shady record of political bullying. Aloisi’s credibility gap is so wide you could drive a Cadillac through it.”

In a sharp departure from a letter of no-confidence three MBTA board members sent to Grabauskas on Tuesday, the remaining four directors came to his defense yesterday, calling him “responsive, responsible, innovative and focused.”…

To put things in perspective, remember that:

The three board members who slammed Grabauskas – a Republican named by former Gov. Mitt Romney – are all Patrick appointees.…

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