Local Media recognizing GOP resurgence and Deval Patrick failures.

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Surprisingly many local media outlets are now recognizing the budding ‘bench’ strength of the state GOP, the list of Deval failures, and how they may affect the race for the Governor’s office.

Read the stories here: http://www.milforddailynews.co…

“If ever there were to be a Republican year, it’s going to be this year, because there ought to be a price to be paid for being in charge of everything when things are going downhill rapidly,” said Dan Haley, a former Romney administration official who was defeated for the state representative seat in Holliston and Hopkinton last year.

And here: http://www.dailynewstribune.co…

It was enough to make the most loyal of Democrats yearn for the good old days when a Republican sat in the governor’s office. Given the sad state of the state Republican Party, however, it looked like it would be a very long time before that would ever happen again. The best that Republicans could hope for was that Patrick’s performance would be so bad that even Democrats would be glad to see him go.

So, when Treasurer Timothy Cahill announced his departure from the Democratic Party to take on Patrick as an Independent, it seemed like that was the best that Republicans might hope for.

And this story, although indirectly about Deval, one which is no surprise: http://www.metro.us/us/article…

This move cements the belief that the hardworking taxpayer is not getting any return for our unrelenting tax increases so we can take care of the needs of people who do not contribute to the state coffers at all.

All this while his poll numbers are tanking: http://news.bostonherald.com/n…

Gov. Deval Patrick has only himself to blame for an embarrassing poll showing a narrow win for Republican rival Christy Mihos, opposing strategists and potential challengers charged yesterday.

“Patrick right now is running against himself – and losing,” said political strategist and author Dick Morris, a former top adviser to President Clinton who is working for Mihos. “It shows there’s tremendous vulnerability.”

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