Grossman Jumps in for Treasurer

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Steve Grossman didn’t waste time getting in the 2010 race for treasurer.  One would have to think his early announcement was meant minimize the primary field based on his national (Clinton) connections and wealth.…

Although a Dem Primary for Treasurer may open some of the legislative races, according to those mentioned here.

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  • Karl Marx

    The party of government has a head start. Less than 24 hours after Cahill announces a prominent Democrat with a fundraising network in place is ready to bat. Where’s the Republican name. Can’t the State Committee even float a name?

  • In a race for a lower level statewide office like this –money is everything.  Thats how Cahill won in the first place.  He was able to flood TV the last few weeks with a commercial where his cute daughter coined the phrase vote for “tim for treasurer” and that was all it took.  The GOP candidate Grabaskaus was more qualified and endorsed by every newspaper in the state – but in the end that commercial is what did it.

    This is a winnable seat even against Goldman.  In fact he is a weak candidate.  No one wants to elect someone whos top credential is that they are a democratic operative and moneyman.  He may go down in the primary

    As for the GOP, this could be the office that voters are willing to elect a republican watchdog to.  If baker does not run and the GOP nominee is Mihos (no chance-a joke) then voters who want balance will be more willing to vote for a solid republican.

    The state committee needs to find someone with a lot of name recognition or someone who has some of their own money to put into the race.

    At the end of the day this could be the GOP’s best shot in 2010.

  • Karl Marx

    He brings a strong business background and says he’s willing to ruffle some feathers by proposing spending cuts. On Felon Finneran’s show this morning he said he would oppose tax increases saying now’s not the time to add to the tax burden. He’s liable for a mis-step as when he told Tom and Todd that he “wasn’t an insider.” That’s laughable. As national and state chairman Steve Grossman is the ultimate insider.

    One note: I don’t recall why Grossman quit the 2002 race. He actually had said interesting things back then. Will he be a quitter here too. The Globe  has a long list of possible candidates. But none are as well funded as Grossman.

    We are cursed to live in interesting times.

  • While Steve Grossman running for treasuerer is interesting, what really got me going this morning was this little paragraph from the Boston Herald:

    Other potential candidates for the constitutional office quickly surfaced in the Beacon Hill rumor mill, including Sen. Mark C. Montingy (D-New Bedford) and Rep. Steve Walsh (D-Lynn). Secretary of State William Galvin, who has run for office once before, said he wouldn’t be jumping into the race.

    I also had to enjoy:

    Others rumored to be eyeing the treasurer’s seat are Sen. Mark C. Montigny (D-New Bedford) and James Rooney, executive director of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority.

    Anyone notice the trend?  It’s State Senator Mark C. Montigny of New Bedford who represents the Second Bristol & Plymouth district as he appears in both quotes from the Boston Herald.

    Let’s see, could the SouthCoast finally break its legislative log jam thanks to Tim Cahill?!  Mark Montigny, my state senator, sits on the largest war chest on Beacon Hill.  If Montigny pulls the trigger on a race for Treasurer then that could cause a major scramble of Democrats, especially State Representatives like Tony Cabral, Bill Strauss, Steve Canessa, and especially Dartmouth’s own John Quinn to run to fill Montigny’s void in the Senate.  

    Heck, such a moving of the pieces on the proverbial chess board might even spark a Republican candidacy or two for the State House or Senate.

    I don’t want to get my hopes too high here but, run Sen. Montigny, RUN!