Democrats Deny Sales Tax Payers Free Weekend

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Tomorrow, by this time tomorrow (7:01 am) the retail store where I have worked for 13 years will be forced, thanks to Massachusetts Democrats, to charge an addition 25% in sales tax.

For the past several years the powers that be, the elite power brokers upon Beacon Hill, have tossed the tax payers a bone by proclaiming a sales tax free weekend.  

For more, most of those weekends have been spent by me on vacation & out of state but I do distinctly recall rushing up to the Dartmouth Walmart to purchase a new TV as family was pouring in for our annual reunion & the set in the living room decided to due that morning.  Thankfully, it broke on tax free weekend and our family saved a decent chunk of change.  

I have had customer after customer ask me about when tax free weekend will be held again this year.  My answer to them was not to hold their breath.  I wasn’t exactly psychic and ultimately, I was proven correct.  🙁  

There will be no state sales-tax holiday for Massachusetts consumers this August.

A last-ditch effort by a handful of state senators to include a sixth annual reprieve from the Massachusetts sales tax as part of the fiscal year 2010 supplemental budget was ruled out of order Wednesday.

Sen. Richard Tisei (D-Wakefield) and others had tried to push for a two-day “emergency” sales-tax holiday for this weekend – Aug. 1-2 – to counter the 25 percent increase in the state sales-tax that takes effect Saturday.

“It didn’t matter if we tried for this weekend, next weekend or any weekend in the foreseeable future, the Legislature wasn’t in a forgiving mood,” Tisei said.…

Dear Boston Herald, please note that State Senator Richard Tisei is a REPUBLICAN & actually the Senate Minority Leader!!!

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  • I’m not going to NH to buy anything…..I love my goods costing more and won’t evere make the 10 minute drive over the border. Nope…..never.  That new rider mower I’m buying this weekend….positively going to buy it in the Commonwealth and will surely pay the added $100 in taxes.

    That $2000 I’ve spent over the last week…..every penny was spent in Massachusetts, Guvna.

    That new car I’m buying in the next 2 weeks…..well…..ya got me there, guvna.

    How long before someone takes the new booze tax to court?  Really, Guvna….taxing an excise tax?  For shame…..but I will promise to you that I will not be hopping over the border for my adult beverages either, Guvna.

    Good thing I stopped smoking a buncha years ago Guvna, for I would surely not hop up to Nashua if I still smoked.  Well, I DO have about 10 cigars a year…..but I most certainly won’t be buying them at the 2 guys smoke shop in Nashua.

    ……and no, Guvna, I most certainly am not shopping with cash these days so as to not leave a trail.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Official memo from Deval Patrick – Governor of Massachusetts

    From: Deval Patrick

    To: Residents of Massachusetts

    Re: Sales Tax Holiday

    Dear Residents,

    This year the leadership of the Massachusetts Democrat Party is providing you with the unique opportunity to demonstrate your patriotism.  If you remember, Vice President Joe Biden made it clear that “paying taxes is a patriotic gesture”.  We want you to fully enjoy your patriotism.

    As such, we in the state leadership have decided do away with the sales tax holiday.  We feel that the sales tax, which is state money we allow you to hold onto temporarily, is preventing you from being patriotic.  Therefore we are relieving you of that burden.  Feel free to surrender those state funds at your nearest retailer.

    I would also like to congratulate you for stepping up to the challenge and welcoming an increase to the sales tax from the current 5% to a new and more patriotic 6.25%.  You are truly great Americans.

    If that 25 percent increase isn’t enough for you feel free to enjoy dinner at one of Boston’s restaurants, which now complement your meal with a patriotism charge.  May I also remind you that smoking cigarettes is one of the most patriotic things you can do.  Every breath of nicotine laced smoke says “I love my country”.  Trust that all of us in the state legislature and Governor’s office are working tirelessly to make candy, beer, sugar and sweets more patriotic through enhanced taxes.  

    Still not enough!  Feel free to contribute the higher rate on your state income tax.  There are countless ways to honor this great state.

    Sadly we could not have these new patriotic fees in place for July 4th.  We know you would have wanted it.

    Warning: Please ignore the bastards that want to avoid paying these patriotic fees by shopping in New Hampshire.  They understand nothing about ‘love of country and state’.  They don’t realize that we in state government leadership are trying to save jobs.  Without those monies hundreds of needy 6-figure pensioners would go without.  Without those monies we would need to make painful cuts to our pool of under utilized state consultants, toll collectors, bureaucratic hacks and lazy shiftless highway workers.

    So please go and spend money now.  Welcome the opportunity to pay 6.25% more than your treasonous New Hampshire neighbors.

    Your loving Governor,

    Deval Patrick.

  • We can afford instate tuition for illegal aliens,Phones and cars for welfare recipients. But not a tax holiday to benefit small businesses and taxpayers? Next they will raise the gas tax solely to keep people from driving to NH.

    Invest in your future and help balance Beacon Hill in 2010

    Run,Contribute or Volunteer

  • The sales tax doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as the use tax does it?  Might be funny for the GOP to support raising the use tax to some absurd level like 15%.  And concoct all sorts of projected revenues from it.  Show everyone what a joke it is.


    The alcohol industry already pays $444 million in federal and state excise taxes and fees in Massachusetts, Anzalotti said. Even without a sales tax, 37 percent of the retail price of beer in Massachusetts is due to federal, state and local taxes and fees, he said. That amounts to about $8.88 on an average case of beer. The additional tax will bring the tax total up to $10 a case.