Democrats Deny Sales Tax Payers Free Weekend

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Tomorrow, by this time tomorrow (7:01 am) the retail store where I have worked for 13 years will be forced, thanks to Massachusetts Democrats, to charge an addition 25% in sales tax.

For the past several years the powers that be, the elite power brokers upon Beacon Hill, have tossed the tax payers a bone by proclaiming a sales tax free weekend.  

For more, most of those weekends have been spent by me on vacation & out of state but I do distinctly recall rushing up to the Dartmouth Walmart to purchase a new TV as family was pouring in for our annual reunion & the set in the living room decided to due that morning.  Thankfully, it broke on tax free weekend and our family saved a decent chunk of change.  

I have had customer after customer ask me about when tax free weekend will be held again this year.  My answer to them was not to hold their breath.  I wasn’t exactly psychic and ultimately, I was proven correct.  🙁  

There will be no state sales-tax holiday for Massachusetts consumers this August.

A last-ditch effort by a handful of state senators to include a sixth annual reprieve from the Massachusetts sales tax as part of the fiscal year 2010 supplemental budget was ruled out of order Wednesday.

Sen. Richard Tisei (D-Wakefield) and others had tried to push for a two-day “emergency” sales-tax holiday for this weekend – Aug. 1-2 – to counter the 25 percent increase in the state sales-tax that takes effect Saturday.

“It didn’t matter if we tried for this weekend, next weekend or any weekend in the foreseeable future, the Legislature wasn’t in a forgiving mood,” Tisei said.…

Dear Boston Herald, please note that State Senator Richard Tisei is a REPUBLICAN & actually the Senate Minority Leader!!!

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