Charlie Baker Files Paperwork: It’s Official Folks, MassGOP Gubernatorial Primary!

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I watched live over at as Charlie Baker submitted his official paperwork to begin his gubernatorial campaign.  The broadcast wasn’t without a hitch, at least on my end,  as shortly into his statements the video ended.

However, the Boston Globe reported on the events & you can read more about them at Baker launches campaign, criticizes Patrick.

Baker immediately pledged not to raise taxes as governor, and even said he would try to lower the state’s increased sales tax – which will go from 5 percent to 6.25 percent on Saturday – if he is elected.

He said he was prochoice and was in favor of gay marriage – “My brother’s gay, and he’s married, and he lives in Massachusetts, so I’m for it. Is that straight enough?”

He also said he was in favor of the death penalty, which puts him at odds with Patrick.

When asked what needed to be cut, the former chief executive at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care said, “everything should be on the table,” including scaling back the state’s landmark healthcare reform coverage.

“I’m very comfortable with my party in Massachusetts. I think the Republican Party in Massachusetts is the party of reform and change and the future, and I think the Democratic Party in Massachusetts is the party of the status quo.”…

Thank you to Christy Mihos for jumping into this election early & thank you to Charlie Baker for joining Christy & giving us a solid gubernatorial primary.  Good luck to both & may they both do the MassGOP proud!  

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