Charlie Baker Files Paperwork: It’s Official Folks, MassGOP Gubernatorial Primary!

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I watched live over at as Charlie Baker submitted his official paperwork to begin his gubernatorial campaign.  The broadcast wasn’t without a hitch, at least on my end,  as shortly into his statements the video ended.

However, the Boston Globe reported on the events & you can read more about them at Baker launches campaign, criticizes Patrick.

Baker immediately pledged not to raise taxes as governor, and even said he would try to lower the state’s increased sales tax – which will go from 5 percent to 6.25 percent on Saturday – if he is elected.

He said he was prochoice and was in favor of gay marriage – “My brother’s gay, and he’s married, and he lives in Massachusetts, so I’m for it. Is that straight enough?”

He also said he was in favor of the death penalty, which puts him at odds with Patrick.

When asked what needed to be cut, the former chief executive at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care said, “everything should be on the table,” including scaling back the state’s landmark healthcare reform coverage.

“I’m very comfortable with my party in Massachusetts. I think the Republican Party in Massachusetts is the party of reform and change and the future, and I think the Democratic Party in Massachusetts is the party of the status quo.”…

Thank you to Christy Mihos for jumping into this election early & thank you to Charlie Baker for joining Christy & giving us a solid gubernatorial primary.  Good luck to both & may they both do the MassGOP proud!  

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  1. The real “gay marriage” question for Baker & Mihos. Do you approve in the way the legislation denied the vote to the petitioners and the people of Massachusetts? If this was voted by the people Not denied but the legislation and enacted from the supreme court I would accept it.

  2. StartedoutRepublican

    from Wikipedia

    The dead-ball era is a baseball term used to describe the period between 1900 (though some date it to the beginning of baseball) and the emergence of Babe Ruth as a power hitter in 1919. In 1919, Ruth hit a then-league record 29 home runs, a spectacular feat at that time.

    The dead-ball era refers to a period in baseball characterized by low-scoring games and a lack of home runs. The lowest league

  3. That his home run was all the more impressive?

    That people rarely knock it out of the park as well as he did?

    That he, by himself, alone, is a greater force then the entire other team?

    Huh… I guess I agree.

  4. StartedoutRepublican

    re: Peter’s previous comment praising RFlynn for keeping her/his eye on the ball when he said s/he would support same sex marriage if only it had been approved by a referendum or by a vote of our elected representatives instead of a “runaway” court.

    It’s over!  

  5. I never said I would ever support “Gay Marriage” I said I would accept it Only if the majority of Massachusetts voters had an opportunity to vote and approved of this via ballet. I already accept the fact that I live in a Liberal state And I would accept the process of a fair ballet question.

  6. StartedoutRepublican
  7. As you may know, I post on Blue Mass Group as well.

    When the petition vote melee was in full swing there, I said the same thing – that support or oppose, the people of MA deserved a vote, like those in other states.  Naturally, I was called a homophobe.

    But – David Kravitz, one of the three proprietors on BMG, agreed saying that the Lege had no right to take away the right of teh people to vote.

    We were called ‘process people’.

    And that’s accurate – there is a process in place, and we should abide by it.

    There are mny people on BOTH sides of this issue who are very troubled by the lack of an actual vote.  Because until it IS legislated, a different court could decide differently (sort of like Roe v. Wade).  And – a conservative court could rule against a pet cause of theirs as well.  That’s the flaw in judicial activism – it’s only binding until a law is passed or another court supercedes that decision (like Dred Scott).

    Which is why I offered the compliment – the issue isn’t gay marriage so much as it is abuse of the voters.

  8. StartedoutRepublican

    whether passed by a vote of our elected representatives, or by referendum is only binding until it is reversed by a vote of our elected representatives or a referendum, correct?

  9. …but a vote to refuse to allow a vote by the populace, in the absence of any legislation by the body, does NOT constitute a law or amendment.

    Only an abdication of duty.

  10. StartedoutRepublican

    amend the constitution. Proponents have to collect lots of signatures, twice I believe, and then at least 50 legislators (out of 200) in joint session in two consecutive legislative sessions must approve putting the amendment before the voters in a referendum.

    Are you suggesting that any legislator who opposes a proposed amendment to the constitution because it is contrary to his or her informed opinion or values has a duty to vote yes so that the question can be put before the voters?

    50 voters out of 200 is a pretty low bar I think, and if proponents of a constitutional amendment have not been able to mobilize enough public support to convince 25% of the sitting legislators to support their issue, then they just have to keep trying, like the prohibitionists and suffragettes.

    Or they organize to establish a mandatory referendum on constitutional amendments.


  11. There are people who currently support and affirmative vote in the legislature creating gay marriage.  Such a bill has sponsors.  Doing so would at least be intellectually honest.

    If you support gay marriage vote for it.  If you don’t, vote against it.  The status quo at the State House is intellectually dishonest and cowardly.

  12. can you tell us who the sponsors and co sponsors are, the number of the bill and it’s status? I would enthusiastically support such a bill getting a vote on the House and Senate.

    You should start a new diary and organize for that bill to be brought forward for a vote this fall.  

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