Birthers Expand Their Ranks

David Weigel of the Washington Independent is doing a fantastic job covering the birther beat and how it is consuming several mainstream conservatives. In his latest dispatch Weigel writes that #tcot founder Michael Patrick Leahy has joined the ranks of G. Gordon Liddy and Liz Cheney as respected conservatives who now believe President Obama is an illegal shapeshifting reptilian Muslim from outer space.

Today, we find Leahy attacking Hawaii over its “dodge” on questions about President Obama’s birth – i.e., the state’s official statement that it has vital records proving Obama was born there.

He has further questions, such as “Can you name the hospital in which President Obama was born?” and “Can you tell us the name of the attending physician at President Obama’s birth according to the vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii Department of Health?”

Leahy has devoted the tcotreport Website to questions about Obama’s birth certificate and an image of an empty suit in the White House.

Who will be the next prominent conservative to fall to Birtherism? Will this consume so much of the GOP that it loses focus on what is really important, like stopping socialized health care, card check, and expansion of entitlement programs?

It is amazing that the conservative movement continues to waste time and energy on this issue. It fuels charges (some of them accurate) that the right is filled with racists and loons who are uncomfortable with a black man as president. It helps the White House discredit any opposition to Obama’s policies, as Politico’s Ben Smith writes…

The opportunity for the White House? It’s one of which some conservatives are sharply aware – that the Birthers may discredit Obama’s more mainstream enemies.

“At some level, they’re not that bad to have around because it reminds people that under the mainstream conservative press there’s this bubbling up of really irrational hatred for the guy,” said former Clinton White House press secretary Jack Siewert.

There is absolutely no way Barack Obama will be removed from office based on these false claims. None. The evidence is overwhelmingly stacked against the birther theories; their arguments have been debunked extensively. Court cases have been tossed out at all levels of the judicial system but the birthers carry on.

Why? They’re fucking crazy, that’s why.  

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  • benwetmore

    so, yes, they’re crazy and sure, it’s probably a waste of time.

    But as the government nationalizes the banks

    nationalizes the auto industry

    installs socialist regimes in Honduras

    coddles international dictators

    nationalizes healthcare

    will likely steal people’s 401k’s and retirements and push them into social security in a month or two…

    you have the time to attack conservatives for being too looney?  you’re on a philosophical purity campaign because you find their silly arguments intellectually distasteful?

    I don’t like Objectivists, and I think they’re batshit crazy.  I don’t like libertarians, because of reasons I won’t go into right now, but let’s keep our eyes on the prize, focused on the socialist dictator running this country into 20% unemployment and not grandma and her crazy forwards about obama’s citizenship.

    and, sure sure, it’s just one post, but I think there’s a temptation among many people here, this just being one small representative sample, to feel enlightened by separating the ‘other’ when it comes to center-right or conservative people they don’t like.  It allows them to feel comfortable at social gatherings to say, ‘oh, well I’m not like those guys.’

    we lack the luxury of that attitude. and your comments and criticisms are ridiculous and silly in full political context.

  • and less from “Garrett.” Pay no attention to that man. Obama is a true manchurian candidate, and his entire career from birth on has been arranged bu a high level of Muslim fanatics. And Garret’s wrong–he’s been misreading his David Ickes–Obama’s NOT reptilian; the British Royal family, the Bushes, and Kennedys are in fact 6′ tall reptiles.

    (Love the part in Comment 1 about “installing a socialist in Honduras.” WTF are you reading? Yikes)

    Disagree with Garret that Gordon Liddy is a “respected conservative.” Nut because of his role with Nixon. This was a guy who did a roadshow tour with Timothy Leary, each of them playing buffoonish, stock caricatures. Nor has Liz Cheney earned the label.

    Frankly, I tend to think of “respected” liberals OR conservatives as those who earn at least a grudging respect–for their knowledge, sense, experience, and attitude–from the other side. I think we have a real dearth of the same on BOTH sides. The left is dominated by hard-core idealogues who continue to demonstrate a real lack of respect for working people who don’t read Chomsky (so that even their work on behalf of the working class is riddled with condescension), while the right, it seems, really has been taken over by loonies. And the media, of course, delights in holding up the fringers as representative of both sides–hence, Michelle Bachman gets more air time than Mitt Romney (I may loathe him as an opportunist, but the guy’s not a freaking lunatic), and the freakshow that is Palin and her posse gets more press than any of your genuinely astute thinkers. Then again, Palin was your monster, and I recall hearing about what a brilliant choice she was, how she was going to make Obama look silly, etc. Heh heh. So long as you are saddled with and continue to nourish those albatrosses–as well as relying on ancient white dudes like horny Newt–you’ll be stuck playing in the minors.

    This is of course where you realize what kind of baggage clowns like “benwetmore”–a nicely descriptive tag, btw–brings to the table. None of the policies he described are even remotely “crazy (especially the “coddling dictators,” which every American president, Dem and Republican, does as matter of course and necessity–who supported Pinochet, Saddam Hussein, etc etc etc?). Playing endless conspiracy games, though–yeah, that’s going to win you a lot of support. I would like to see much more of benwetmore and much less of Garret. benWM, I think, speaks for a large constuency–let their voices ring out!

    Actually, you have. LOOK AT YOUR DAMN BASE.Here’s your problem in a nutshell:

    Congressional Democrats

            Fav   Unfav

    Northeast 52    39

    South     27    68

    Midwest   44    47

    West      41    49

    Congressional Republicans

            Fav   Unfav

    Northeast  5    84

    South     23    54

    Midwest    6    81

    West       7    78

    Democratic Party

            Fav   Unfav

    Northeast 66    24

    South     24    67

    Midwest   51    44

    West      49    45

    Republican Party

            Fav   Unfav

    Northeast  6    91

    South     41    44

    Midwest   13    80

    West      14    78

    You’re being held captive by folks who care more about teaching creationism than resolving healthcare issues, care more about denying global warming than looking into progressive energy development, care more about the right to bear assault weapons than getting kids educated. Is it any wonder that the same states running your show–your base–rank lowest in education, in childcare, in per capita income, highest in divorce and net-porn usage (despite all the godly talk)? There are plenty of sensible Republicans in Mass, CT, NY, and NJ–notwithstanding the lunatics in the peanut gallery here–but so long as you insist on supporting the birthers, the anti-science types, the fundies, the flat earthers, and those who, like the author of cooment #1, really think that Obama is out to destroy the nation (and who gloss over the absolute horrowshow that was 8 years of Bush–Bush jr, that is), and the Michael Savages and Michelle Malkins and Sean Hannities … and Sarah and her dunb-as-%$#& legions–ignorant, xenophobic, and worse yet proud of it–well, enjoy the wilderness.  

    Somewhere, William F Buckley jr weeps.

  • Born in the U.S.A.


    Baby Barack’s birth was not heralded, as some of his partisans have suggested, by a star in the east, but it was heralded by the Honolulu Star, as well as the Honolulu Advertiser, each of which published birth announcements for young Mr. Obama.

    NR’s recent track record for expunging things from the movement is iffy.  It can’t quite be said that Ann Coulter’s career ended after NR gave her the boot.  In fact, it seemed to expand exponentially.

  • Knightbrigade

    really, ONE MORE post on (Birthers)….c’mon ONE MORE..

    oh, and maybe another one on soccer while your at it…

  • It is divisiveness like this that keeps me from joining the Republican Party.  Not that I am a “birther” who would feel insulted by such profanity laced attacks.  Though, I would not feel inclined personally to associate with someone with such an undisciplined vocabulary and demeaner.  My personal advice is this.  Let them be and don’t be quick to judge.  I’m sure they obviously feel you are some wishy washy RINO with no real sense for the rule of law, but whatever.  Push “birthers”, “pro-lifers” or “creationists” away and you lose their vote and lose elections because they will either go somewhere else or just plain nowhere.  “A HOUSE DIVIDED AMONGST ITSELF WILL NOT STAND!”  You don’t have to espouse every idealogy of someone else calling themselves “Republican” to fight against the common foe of social liberalism.

    Just my opinion.