Birthers Expand Their Ranks

David Weigel of the Washington Independent is doing a fantastic job covering the birther beat and how it is consuming several mainstream conservatives. In his latest dispatch Weigel writes that #tcot founder Michael Patrick Leahy has joined the ranks of G. Gordon Liddy and Liz Cheney as respected conservatives who now believe President Obama is an illegal shapeshifting reptilian Muslim from outer space.

Today, we find Leahy attacking Hawaii over its “dodge” on questions about President Obama’s birth – i.e., the state’s official statement that it has vital records proving Obama was born there.

He has further questions, such as “Can you name the hospital in which President Obama was born?” and “Can you tell us the name of the attending physician at President Obama’s birth according to the vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii Department of Health?”

Leahy has devoted the tcotreport Website to questions about Obama’s birth certificate and an image of an empty suit in the White House.

Who will be the next prominent conservative to fall to Birtherism? Will this consume so much of the GOP that it loses focus on what is really important, like stopping socialized health care, card check, and expansion of entitlement programs?

It is amazing that the conservative movement continues to waste time and energy on this issue. It fuels charges (some of them accurate) that the right is filled with racists and loons who are uncomfortable with a black man as president. It helps the White House discredit any opposition to Obama’s policies, as Politico’s Ben Smith writes…

The opportunity for the White House? It’s one of which some conservatives are sharply aware – that the Birthers may discredit Obama’s more mainstream enemies.

“At some level, they’re not that bad to have around because it reminds people that under the mainstream conservative press there’s this bubbling up of really irrational hatred for the guy,” said former Clinton White House press secretary Jack Siewert.

There is absolutely no way Barack Obama will be removed from office based on these false claims. None. The evidence is overwhelmingly stacked against the birther theories; their arguments have been debunked extensively. Court cases have been tossed out at all levels of the judicial system but the birthers carry on.

Why? They’re fucking crazy, that’s why.  

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