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This Saturday, June 20th the Worcester Tea Party will be hosting a RALLY FOR RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT from noon to 3 in Worcester’s Elm Park. Among the speakers scheduled for the Rally for Responsible Government are:

·Chip Faulkner, Assistant Director of the Citizens for Limited Taxation

·Todd Feinburg, Morning Co-Host on WRKO Radio

·David G. Tuerck, Executive Director of The Beacon Hill Institute and Chairman, Department of Economics, Suffolk University

·Nicholas Sanchez, Professor of Economics, College of the Holy Cross

·Carla Howell, President of the Center for Small Government

·Kamal Jain, an expert in government transparency.

This event is free and open to the public.  Citizens are encouraged to arrive early and to bring chairs or blankets and a picnic lunch.  

This rally is a family event and will include FREE ARTS AND CRAFTS and FACE PAINTING for children.  Attendees may bring pro-economic freedom, anti-overspending signs.  For more information visit www.worcesterteaparty.com or visit the Worcester Tea Party Facebook page.

The Worcester Tea Party is part of a national grassroots movement to protest out of control government spending and interference in the free market.  It is a response to the usurpation and subversion of personal freedoms and free market capitalism by the federal government. Tea Party participants support:

•the return to our founding Constitutional principles of personal responsibility, integrity, honesty, liberty, and economic freedom

•the re-assertion of our sovereignty as free men and women

•the re-establishment of local control through the strengthening of the rights of individual states

•the holding accountable of our government through citizen activism

and to accomplish these objectives through educating, recruiting, organizing and mobilizing the citizens of the Commonwealth.

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