Union Thuggery, the Lowell School Committee Edittion

Strong Union Supporter Regina Faticanti of the Lowell School Committee has been in some hot water lately over threats made to the Superintendent of Schools. The threats were over the privatization of the school lunch program.  I’ve been following this mainly as a former Lowell resident, however some details of the threats have come out in the Lowell Sun.  It’s a very bizarre read.

On last Wednesday the 22 of April I was leaving my home when I received a call at 7:45 a.m. on my cell phone. The call was from Regina Faticanti, a Lowell School Committee member. Regina was angry and she was yelling at me right away. Right off at bat she said she was going to be ripping my arms off, and then my head. She then asked me things like what the (expletive) was I thinking, she told me that I was politically stupid. She said something to the effect that she was not allowed to threaten me and swear at me like this. You have to understand I was shaking and sweating during all of this.

Regina scared me. She was playing for keeps. I was intimidated; she has a lot of power over me, power to make my life hell. Her speech and tone was such as to intimidate me. I was scared. I repeatedly told her she could not physically threaten me like this, but she kept doing it. She kept swearing at me and I told her she was being unfair and I told her she was not allowed to swear at me. Nothing I said would stop her.

When I told her that we were just following standard procedure here, she told me that she was going to cut Jay Lang’s (testicles) off. She said she was calling Jay next and tell him how mad she was about the matter. She told me that she would talk to me later, the call then ended. She was swearing during all of this. When she hung up I called Jay to warn him, I was crying, I was very upset. I wanted to warn Jay. While we were speaking she was ringing in on his line. He told me it would be OK and that he would speak with Regina.

The threats scared me for my safety and my job. She scares me; she goes off on this nasty evilness and then snaps out of it. I don’t know what she would do. This is one of my bosses; she is not going to stop this. I want this to stop, I cannot let someone threaten me or my staff.

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