The Mass Job Market: Five More Years to Recover From the Recession


It will take until 2014 or longer for Massachusetts employment levels to return to pre-recession levels according to a forecast by IHS Global insight of Lexington, MA.…  

That’s right, in 2014 we can expect to get back to 2007 employment levels according to this economic forecasting firm.  

What really hurts is that Massachusetts in 2007, Massachusetts had yet to recover from the last recession.  That is, in 2007, there were still 100,000 fewer people at work in Massachusetts than 2000 according to MassInc, a Boston think tank.…

Like Japan, we are looking at a lost generation as far as employment is concerned.  

One would hope that these depressing statistics would cause the powers that be to reconsider the state’s economic policies.  So where do we start?  Suggestions?


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