The Lack of Morning Drive Time Radio.

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The Lack of Morning Drive Time Radio.

OK, so lets look at the dirth of options

And please make suggestions if you dont like mine.  

AM 680   Felon Finneran

AM 850   Sports talk is like beer, it is good, but not before 11AM

AM 1030  I can read the newspaper myself.

FM 969   Imus is so old and out of touch it hurts to listen

FM other  I am not a teenager

So we need an alternative, and fast. My suggestion has been to tell 96.9 FM to move the Joe “The Guy From Boston” Ligotti and Huggy show to the drive time mornings. It could be the only place to get local origional content first.

One liberal, one conservative, and they are entertaining. They never get too serious but always make you laugh with their observations.…

But if you have ideas for creating a better show, I am “All Ears.” (insider joke for Brock and Karen)

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