Telephone Poll Targeting Massachusetts Republicans

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I assume that I’m not the only one who received a telephone poll this evening (or recently) from MC2 Consulting.  

They conducted a quick 1 minute phone poll (the live operated joked that she was “absolutely not” going to sell me something).

I wasn’t exactly writing down the questions but they went mostly like:

Do you feel that the Massachusetts Republican Party is heading in the right or wrong direction?

What do you think about Deval Patrick?

Are you a member of your local Republican committee?

Have you ever been a delegate to a MassGOP State Convention?

How likely are you to vote for Christy Mihos to be the Republican nominee?

If the race for Republican nominee was between Charlie Baker, Christy Mihos, & Scott Brown for who would you vote?

Christy, this wouldn’t happen to be your poll would it?  

BTW – Nice to see & briefly speak with you on Tuesday at the State Committee meeting.

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