Telephone Poll Targeting Massachusetts Republicans

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I assume that I’m not the only one who received a telephone poll this evening (or recently) from MC2 Consulting.  

They conducted a quick 1 minute phone poll (the live operated joked that she was “absolutely not” going to sell me something).

I wasn’t exactly writing down the questions but they went mostly like:

Do you feel that the Massachusetts Republican Party is heading in the right or wrong direction?

What do you think about Deval Patrick?

Are you a member of your local Republican committee?

Have you ever been a delegate to a MassGOP State Convention?

How likely are you to vote for Christy Mihos to be the Republican nominee?

If the race for Republican nominee was between Charlie Baker, Christy Mihos, & Scott Brown for who would you vote?

Christy, this wouldn’t happen to be your poll would it?  

BTW – Nice to see & briefly speak with you on Tuesday at the State Committee meeting.

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  • Sounds like this could be a survey.  Your name would very likely be on any list he would call.

    I agree it sounds like it could be Christy.

  •  I noticed who you were Tuesday. Accessibility issues prevented me from introducing myself. It was nice to be made welcome by everyone I met. My Millbury town committee chair has yet to return my calls (2) after a week. I can understand he might have a life. But if he doesn’t care about dumping democrats… I does. Sorry I’ve said “I do” three times, that phrase scares me. Is there an explanation for districts? I would like to become active in the party.

  • Brock – I got the same call, and your description of the questions was accurate.  I liked that it was a live, rather than robo-, call.  They asked for my time, told them they wre welcome to it, but absolutely no money (which makes the Gingrich people hang up).  These persevered.

    The young man I spoke to really didn’t seem to know who it was for – said his boss didn’t want to shdow the results, and wanted the questions asked neutrally.

    Since I had just spent the previous two hours with one of the candidates in Harwich, and he told the RTC he was polling, I guess you’re making a good guess…  

  • If it was done for Voter ID, it was conducted properly.

    If it was a survey, it was not.

    If it was a poll, it was not.

    A survey or poll, which would be used to extrapolate to various degrees, would require a more strict methodology.

    However, it sounds as if it was done for Voter ID, which it would be perfectly designed to collect. Further, voter ID information is not released or used to gage which way the wind is blowing.

    My comments are based on industry standards for survey and market research and are not intended, nor should be used, for any purpose other than to inform others of methodology and standards.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I am thinking of running for Governor.  I targeted 10 RMG Republican activists and called them for a one minute interview.  Perhaps I should have widened my test market a bit, but the results are positive so far.

    I am going to need a LG sidekick….Any volunteers??