Tax hikes on us, Tax breaks for Hollywood Millionaires.

Accrding to the Boston Herald Gov. Deval Patrick is continuing his Hollywood tax credit program.

Deval Patrick acts on stars’ behalf

Gov reinstates 25% credit for actors’ salaries

By Edward Mason

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 – Updated 5h ago

Gov. Deval Patrick greenlighted the renewal of a controversial multimillion-dollar taxpayer-funded giveaway to Hollywood stars yesterday, even as he signed a $27.05 billion budget that squeezes the Bay State for another $860 million in new taxes.

I have to wonder what the Governor is thinking.  Every tax increase he proposes directly targets the citizens of Massachusetts while all his breaks are for everyone else.  The sales tax, gas tax, “use” taxes are all regressive as the hit lower income people harder than upper income people.  Yet he signs our sales tax increase at the same time he cuts taxes for Hollywood millionaires.  Hollywood shoot a movie once and leaves.  Small business owners who create long term employment and revenue get squeezed.


His policies are so bad, they have me wondering if ruining Massachusetts is his actual goal.  Who benefits from his policies?  Hollwood, New Hampshire, illegal immigrants, Beacon Hill hacks.  The rest of us get squeezed.

I guess Christy Mihos benefits too.

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