Renewed Effort to Return Death Penalty to Massachusetts?

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Lawmakers shocked by the brutal beating of little Nathaniel Turner allegedly at the hands of his father are pushing anew for the death penalty as the only punishment that fits the sickening crime.

“This is not an issue that breaks down along party lines,” said Rep. George N. Peterson (R-Grafton). “It’s just too bad that we only seem to get any kind of traction when there is some horrific situation that comes out in the press.”

Sen. Scott P. Brown (R-Wrentham), House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones and Reps. Karyn E. Polito (R-Shrewsbury) and Robert S. Hargraves (R-Groton) joined Binienda, Miceli and Peterson to support the measure last night.

Jones (R-North Reading) cautioned the push could face a “tough battle” given likely opposition from Gov. Deval Patrick. “But I would absolutely be supportive of it for certain types of crimes,” Jones said.…

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