Poll: Voters Now Trust Republicans Over Democrats

Voters now trust Republicans over Democrats in six of ten key issues according to a new Rasmussen Poll out yesterday.

The latest poll shows that 45% trust Republicans on the economy over 39% who trust the Democrats. According to the poll this is the first time Republicans have led on this issues in two years. It also shows that voters who are neither Democrat or Republican trust the Republicans on the economy over the Democrats by two to one.

According to Rasmussen, the economy remains the number one issue in the country.

In another surprise, Republicans are now trusted more than Democrats when it comes to ethics and corruption which is the second most important issue and the top issue among independent voters. This is huge jump from May when the Democrats held an 11 point lead. (Seems as though Nancy (Pellochio)Pelosi’s lies have not gone unnoticed)

Republicans still lead in National Security, now holding a 51% to 36% lead, a seven point jump from May. They also lead in the war on terror in Iraq by 45% to 37% a two point jump from May and from trailing in April. Confidence that we are winning the war on terror is at its highest level since February.

Republicans lead on the issue of immigration by 35% to 29%, for the third month straight. They lead on the issue of taxes by 44% to 39%.

Democrats continue to lead the Republicans on the issues of Social Security, Education and Health Care while both parties are tied on the issue of Abortion.

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