MassDems: In their own words.

In 2006, Massachusetts lost 900 jobs in a single month!  The MassDems were outraged and blamed 100% of the loss on Romney in the corner office, also saying it violated a campaign pledge.  They must have forgotten about their veto proof majorities is both houses.  According to the Dems, 100% of the blame lies squarely with the Governor.

More than 900 Massachusetts residents lost their jobs last month, highlighting the failure of Governor Mitt Romney and Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey to follow through on their campaign pledge to grow jobs.

Let’s look at what’s happening now.  According to the Byreau of Labor Statistics unemployment rose from 4.8% to 8.0% From April 2008 to April 2009.  This resulted in a loss of 116,100 total lost jobs or 9,675 per month.  If Romney was 100% to blame without control of the legislature who are the Dems going to blame when the results are 10 times worse and 12 times as long when they have all the power?

“The Romney-Healey administration doesn’t get it: every time we lose jobs and population, we lose our competitive edge,” said Deval Patrick. “They have a terrible record of attracting and keeping jobs in our state. Even as the national unemployment rate improves, Massachusetts keeps slipping behind. What Romney and Healey see as numbers, I see as people, people caught up in an unforgiving market with an uncaring government. It’s time for a change.”

And now we know the type of change he brought.

The economy is down nationally, but let’s compare MA’s -4.8% to 8.0% unemployment over the past year to the other New England States:

CT: -2.7% to 7.9%

ME: -2.8% to 7.9%

NH: -2.6% to 6.3%

RI: -4.0% to 11.1%

VT: -2.5% to 7.1%

Under Deval’s one party system, MA unemployment has risen faster than any of the other New England States and has higher total unemployment than all except RI.  Of course, NH’s unemployment remains the lowest….


Over the year, nonfarm employment decreased in 48 states and increased in 2 states…

North Dakota (+0.6 percent)…

and Alaska (less than +0.1 percent).

I guess the liberal media establishment hates Sarah Palin too much to mention this.

BTW, our other border state has also outperformed us.

NY:  -2.7% to 7.7%

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