Massachusetts Big Government Is At It Again

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In one of the most extreme examples of Big Government, a controversial law in Massachusetts takes away virtually all vestiges of control from our local communities.  This law, commonly referred to as “Chapter 40B,” allows developers to override all local zoning laws and force communities to accept large, high-density construction projects and pay out-of-pocket for related infrastructure costs.  

Massachusetts is the only state to use such an outdated, harmful law and legal experts on both sides agree that Chapter 40B constitutes an unfunded mandate and should be illegal under Prop 2 ½.  However, 40B was passed several years before Prop 2 ½ and therefore, is grandfathered.  Land use and development affect nearly all aspects of the community from traffic to schools to taxes to quality of life and Chapter 40B is destroying all of them…oh, on our dime too.  

In September, there will be an initiative petition to repeal this harmful law and restore control back to local communities.  If you can help in any way, please visit  While monetary donations are always greatly appreciated, help gathering signatures is essential for success.


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