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The title of my book “My GOP” reflects its own truth.  The words, beliefs, opinions and issue positions that follow are my own and not from any pre-approved GOP party boss or platform.  I offer them to you the reader, whether you are a right- wing nut, or a left-wing moonbat.  My first goal is to encourage my GOP to return to the party of the principles of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

Based on the failures of the last two elections, it is clear the American people have lost an understanding of what the Republican Party stands for.  By reconnecting with our core principles and standing firm, I believe it will not be a difficult road to win back the hearts and minds of the voters.  

I guess that is really the overall purpose of this book; to talk about my GOP, where it came from, where it is today and where it should be in the future.  Since I already fully disclosed my political bias, let me also stake out from the beginning that I am a frustrated member of the political party which I firmly believe is the best chance we have to keep America great and provide a better life for the future generations.

If we are going to achieve this as Republicans, my GOP can only do so if we get back on course, meaning back to the fundamental principles of the great people who established the Republican Party and have fostered its principles, people such as Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.  Now, please do not think I wish to take America backwards, I do not.   Our great nation always needs to be looking forward, but while doing so, we must have the lessons of our past and our core principles in our hearts and minds.

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