Is there Any Common Sense in the Legislature?

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A while back on RMG, there was a post regarding the backgrounds of members of the state senate and how few had experience in the business world.  Let’s not get our hopes up.  I’d settle for experience in the REAL world.

Yesterday’s Herald contained a statement from Senator Susan Fargo (D-Lincoln) concerning the Bunker Hill and Evacuation Day holidays.…

“This year when we are having trouble finding two nickels to scrape together, there seem to be so many other programs that are worthwhile,” said Sen. Susan Fargo (D-Lincoln), who said she didn’t know about the millions Bunker Hill Day and Evacuation Day cost taxpayers when she voted to keep them.

Hmm.  Didn’t know that giving workers a paid holiday had a cost to the taxpayers.  

Common sense dictates that when someone is getting paid on a day that they don’t have to show up to work that there is some cost to the employer in terms of lost output or more overtime.  

Take it to the extreme and assume that one gets every day of the year off and produces nothing.  That certainly must have a cost.  

Or just ask your boss for a couple extra days off a year (with pay) and see what he or she says.

And if not clear from, well-thinking it through-Sen. Fargo might have simply listened to the debate where the primary opponent of the elimination of the paid holidays concedes (at 3:02) that eliminating the holidays would save money.

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