Rep Haddad (D-Somerset) is the hack of the day!!

Does a Rep that voted for Sal DiMasi for Speaker in spite of overwhelming evidence that he was about to be indicted get to comment on ethics? Does a Rep that voted to retain the odious Hack Holidays get to comment on ethics? What ever happened to reforms before revenue?

Rep Haddad (D-Somerset) voted for Sal in spite of evidence that he was in big trouble and she voted to retain the referenced holiday, a clear compromise meant to please Deleo et al. Pat Haddad, assistant Majority Whip, is the hack of the day.

The below quote from today’s Herald is in response to the Governor’s threat to veto the budget without ethics reform.…

“Just because it’s going to be another day or two is no reason to talk about vetoing the whole budget,” said an annoyed Rep. Patricia Haddad (D-Somerset)

And, by the way, isn’t the Governor proving once and for all that this is a two party state. Just the wrong two parties!

UPDATE: It does appear that Rep Haddad voted for Mr. Finneran as well.  

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