Get your act together GOP

In my post, The headline says it all…”DeLeo talks reform in closed meeting”, I have been challenged on a statement I made relative to my State Rep. I do like my Rep and given the alternatives presented by the state party, I would vote for her again.

Instead of questioning folks like myself that are involved and want to get more involved, ask your state party why they are so damned disorganized. Ask them why they do not return calls. Ask them why Town and City Committees all over the state either do not exist or they do not meet.

Action item:

Someone from the state party post a phone # and agree to be accountable. Agree to party build and understand that this is the single best opportunity to change the culture in the cesspool that is Beacon Hill that we will see in our lifetimes.

I am an independent voter and would love to join a state GOP party that can walk and chew gum concurrently. I am also active in my community and for some odd reason people care what I have to say. In the absence of organization, I have no need to get involved with folks that can not get their shit together.  

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