Fascists out of Maryland!

It appears many states have been quietly taken over by Fascistii and Theocrats, even red-blooded American states like Texas, Maryland, and Hawaii have succumbed!  Luckily, Electric Strawberry will ride to their rescue armed to the teeth and bring these despots to their knees!  These states have the gall, the audacity, the looniness, to require that IVF insurance only be mandated for married couples, using their own sperm and egg!  Gadzooks!

Check it out:

The patient’s eggs must be fertilized with her spouse’s sperm

OMG!!  now, it’s possible those states do allow labs to do IVF with unmarried sperm and egg, as only a few states still prohibit unmarried sexual intercourse (hint hint) but the mere fact that those Fascistii states only mandate insurance coverage for IVF when the patient is married to the other gamete provider ought to be enough to send Electric Strawberry into orbit!  Let us know how it went when you get back (oh, wait, first you were going to protest the Massachusetts fornication law by getting yourself arrested, right?  How’s that going?)

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