Cahill’s Endless Pay to Play Saga

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The Globe has been shining light on the glaring pay to play scheme taking place in the Treasurer’s office. The most recent one today about Shea’s huge pension at 49 yrs old. The other came in May click here:

What no one is reporting is the fact that this runs much deeper. All the interested parties from the May article who gave Cahill thousands also gave the current Norfolk County Treasurer thousands, thus ensuring when Cahill runs for Gov. and his hand picked successor follows him to the big gig,  he will continue the dreadful process of selecting the asset managers who get the lucrative state contracts. It is already in motion. Joe Connolly, Norfolk Treasurer has been telling anyone willing to listen he will likely go for Cahill’s job should he run for Gov. If there was ever a time for a third party it is this Gubernatorial election.  

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