BBC: “European voters punish the left”


The European Union results are in!  There are a few important things to note here before I list the results.  First, there has been a reduction in total number of seats since the 2004 elections from 785 to 736.  Number of seats are determined by degressive population where smaller countries get fewer seats but more than their population would justify.  This is somewhat similar to our electoral college.  Second, the independents or “Non-Inscrits” are not simply moderates.  They are usually the most right wing and often oppose the European Union even existing.  Two such examples are the “British National Party” and French “National Front.”  These results are new and unofficial.  There might be some changes when the finals come in.

Center-Right parties now hold 328 seats “down” 7 seats from 2004 but up in percentage.  The largest EEP-ED holds 278 of those seats.  

Leftist parties hold 257 seats “down” 28 seats from 2004.  The largest PES (Socialists) hold 180 seats.

The centrist ALDE hold 84 seats, “down” from 90.  The ALDE was part of the EEP-ED “Grand Coalition” for the outgoing parliament.

The big news are the rise in Nationalist independents who now hold 66 seats, up 36 seats from the 2004 elections.


The British results are perhaps the most telling.  The “British National Party” gained 2 seats the European parliament even though they currently hold no seats in the British parliament.  They favor leaving the EU entirely.

The “United Kingdom Independence Party” are also Eurosceptics and won 13 seats.  This is more than the 11 seats now held by the Labour Party that controls Brittain.  The Conservative Party holds the most with 24 seats.  The First and Second parties are now both right of center.

United Kingdom council results are also in.  The Conservative Party now has outright majorities on 30 of 34 councils while Labour holds ZERO!  Overall Labour lost 291 Councillors with only 178 remaining.  Conservatives gained 244 seats for a total of 1531.


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