Another eco-scam in the works! But MarketBasket says no!

Meddlesome local government costs consumers and then foots business with the bill. There’s something smelling about who benefits from green programs.  

By refusing to sell the purple pay-as-you-throw bags, Market Basket has inserted itself into the controversy over a new trash system that will require Concord residents to pay for each bag of trash they throw out, beginning July 6.

   Market Basket’s decision was made on the corporate level, not at local stores. David McLean, operations manager for Market Basket, said the company is reviewing its policy in Concord and in multiple other communities where pay-as-you-throw has been instituted. Market Basket has 59 stores in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

   “All of a sudden, all these towns are taking on these programs and wanting businesses to subsidize the towns and do it for nothing, and have their customers foot the expense of carrying those products,” McLean said. . . . “They want businesses to buy the product, pay for the product, pay for losses incurred if bags disappear, to manage the product, warehouse the product, and then turn all the money over to a company in South Carolina that sends most of it to the towns or cities,” McLean said. “There’s no profit, no gain.”

Good for Market Basket. I’m happy to keep shopping there.

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  • On what basis can Market Basket refuse to implement the policy?

    McLean called the bag fee a tax, noting that Market Basket sells 10 bags of the same size for $1.99.

    Ok, so it’s a tax by another name.  Aren’t they legally obligated to pay taxes in whatever form they come?

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    1. If a town adopts the ‘pay as you throw’ trash bag program then doesn’t that hurt the local businesses that sell traditional trash bags – as they become obsolete?

    2. As Garylake said, it is one more case where the town implements a fee instead of a tax and then we can’t deduct it on our own tax returns.

    3. I think towns are screwing taxpayers as there is room for loads of corruption and deception at the local dumps/transfer stations.  For instance, in my town we pay to have recyclable waste removed from our transfer station (specifically wood), but what we don’t see is that much of that gets paid for by third parties.  Third parties pay for recyclable wood and yet that doesn’t show up on the town balance sheets.

    4. If lazy people just recycled better/more it would cost each town a lot less.  Again, in my town there is a recycle bin for milk jugs.  Yet, even when the bin is full of milk jugs it still is 90% empty.  People don’t crush the milk jugs and the people working at the station are too lazy to do it for them.  We end up paying to have ‘air’ recycled when the bin gets full.  Companies also pay to take away newspapers – so what are we actually paying $240 per year for?  It seems the local taxpayers are paying for use of the dump, and third parties are paying to take away the rubbish.  It sounds like I ought to be in the dump business and charge customers from both directions like the towns are doing.

    5. Once more time I beef with old people.  My dump sticker costs $240 per year.  A senior’s dump sticker costs $65 per year.  Just because I am not old I get to subsidize their rubbish.

    6. I fully support Market Basket in this cause.  Screw the government and all the crazy tree-huggers for forcing their social programs on businesses.  

  • Can’t say enough great stuff about Market Basket.  I do all my shopping there.  Prices are great–far lower than at Shaw’s or Stop and Shop.  They employ local kids as checkers and stockers, not unionized workers at 3-4 times the cost.  The savings are passed on to you.  As far as I care, Shaw’s and Stop and Shop are the Chrysler and GM of grocery stores.