America is Learning.

The Rasmussen Reports Presidential Approval Index has finally gone negative at -2%!  This index measures the “Stongly Disaprove” versus the “Strongly Approve.”  2% is within the margin of error and the index may be positive again by tomorrow.  However, the 32% move from +30% on 01/22/09 is very significant.  His overall approval is at +7%.  Rasmussen does the only daily tracking poll among likely voters.

The largest reason for this shift can be traced to Obama’s mishandling economic issues.  81% of voters view the economy as a very important issue.  Their positions on how it should be handled are very different than what the President is doing.

  • Only 13% support the government retaining ownership of auto companies. 
  • 80% say they should sell the shares as soon as possible.
  • 72% say auto companies, NOT the government, should decide which auto dealers to close.
  • By a 45%-39% margin voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on economic issues.
  • By a 53%-27% margin voters think more government spending hurts the economy. 67% think government spending will go up.
  • By a 58%-18% margin voters think tax cuts will help the economy.  Only 14% think taxes will go down.
  • Only 30% now trust Obama in an economic crisis.


If you look By The Numbers Obama is also dipping in some other key areas.

  • 73% now view Obama as a liberal
  • Only 31% view him as governing in a bipartisan way.

Rasmussen currently uses a polling model of 40.1% Democrats, 33.1% Republicans, and 26.7% Independents.

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  • Thirty-eight percent (38%) of voters now say the United States is heading in the right direction. But most voters (58%) say the nation is heading down the wrong track.

    Is the fog from the coronation finally lifting?