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(A lot of candidates have been asking about advertising rates. Here they are. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

UPDATE: Based on our new traffic numbers Q1-2010 advertising rates have gone up

Red Mass Group is pleased to announce the following advertising rates.  

Top Leaderboard/ Banner Ad

Size 550 x 100

$5.00 per thousand impressions

Currently $212 per week

Right or Left Side Top Ad Large

$3.00 per thouand impressions

150 x 300

Currently $120 per week (2 spots available)

Right or left Side Top Ad Small

$2.00 per thousand Impressions

150 x 150

Currently $85 per week (3 spots Available)

Right or left small ad “below the fold”

$1.50 per thousand impressions

150 x 150

Currently $60.00 per week.

Contact with your interest.

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