Your Daily Good News: Late Edition

Mail It In Friday

Old man says he can’t hear anything except those damn kids blasting rock music from their motroycycles. Maybe he should get one of those ear pieces El Rushbo has.

Cape Code Times

Governor Patrick is full of fertilizer

Critical Mass

Senate passes ban on texting while driving. No word on whether the ban will include talking, adjusting the radio/ac/seat, checking a map, applying makeup, eating…

Boston Globe

Chesterfield was the latest stop on this community forum tour thing Governor Patrick is doing. Chesterfield has a stoplight and a gas station!

Springfield Republican

Member of New Edition shot that kid at Harvard. Yes, that New Edition.

Cambridge Chronicle

Framingham passes operating budget; some residents think their property taxes suck.  

MetroWest Daily News

Woman bites lover’s penis off in car crash.

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Your Daily Good News: Late Edition

Texting while taxing

You lousy drunks in Dracut! Stop causing problems at this bar Lowell Sun

Senator Stephen Brewer calls the House vote to raise the sales tax “courageous.” “We can’t do it with cuts alone, blah, blah blah,” the Democrats say. Yawn. Sky is falling, etc. Republicans propose some ideas that don’t involve a tax increase. Nobody listens. Next. Boston Globe

Governor Patrick visits Washington, DC to try on some robes. Springfield Republican

A former Beverly librarian and local kiddie porn aficionado wants to keep his $31,000 pension. Boston Herald

Framingham cuts $480K out of education budget Metro West Daily News

Texting while driving ban? What about applying makeup, reading the newspaper, changing the radio station, talking on the phone, eating, drinking, talking to other people…Cape Code Online  

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