Why I Voted For Question 1 And Would Do So Again

(Question 1 was a fantastic idea that suffered because of bad timing and well-heeled opposition. The Commonwealth doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.   – promoted by Garrett)

Question 1 was presented by the left as the end of civilization as we know it. I voted for Question 1 knowing that there would be substantial pain on a short term basis. My hope was that short term pain would lead to substantial long term reform. Consider the timing of the Q1 ballot initiative. What has happened since? The list is endless.

For starters we have seen the following since Q1 went down in flames:


2)Watered down ethics reform (maybe)

3)Implosion of the state’s transportation infrastructure

4)Marian Walsh

5)Pension abuses beyond imagination

6)Jim Aloisi

7)Jim’s sister

Did I miss something? Just wondering if Q1 would pass today. My guess is no and that may be exactly why reform will be watered down and ineffective.

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  • I forgot to mention the Sal DiMasi one-day, one-year arrangement that he and the House pulled on the taxpayers. I guess that fits into the “pension abuses beyond imagination” category.

  • “transportation”….anyone else notice that the roads are getting worse?   Anyone think this is NOT on purpose?

  • and would definitely do so again, TODAY. Massachusetts has a spending problem and the only way to fix it is to cut off the spenders water. That includes local aid by the way. Every level of government can improve the efficiency with which it does business. Moreover, there are plenty of things government does that it has no business doing (regulating my caloric intake immediately comes to mind). As to whether Q1 would pass if on ballot today, can’t answer, don’t know.  

  • Jeanne

    You are right…short-term pain for long-term benefit.  I hope Question 1 is brought up again.  Fundraising needs to improve; the opposition was VERY well funded.  We need to put our money where our mouth is and try to get our friends and family to do the same.

  • The problems question one faced and will always face is that

    1)  The average voter will believe almost anything a large union puts on TV/Radio/Newspaper, and many unions have national unions to draw funds from (national federation of teachers among others).  The average voter does not care to be engaged, or have the tools to question “claims” that appear to be from a credible source (like a nurse on TV).

    2) The unions spent over 7 million dollars predicting fiscal Armageddon (as opposed to what we have now) if Q1 passed. SmallGovernmentAct spent next to nothing (because they didn’t have it to spend)

    The Q1 nay-sayers said lots of things like….

    “They’ll be cops/firemen/police laid off”

     “Uncle Harry will die in the hospital because there won’t be enough nurses”

     “Local aid will dry up….”

     “Property taxes will go through the roof”

     “Well lose our bond rating”

     “Our Children will suffer”

    How is the average voter supposed to counter that mentality when most don’t focus on more than whether there is a “D”,”R” or “I” after a candidate’s name ?

    And even IF….IF by some quirk of fate it did pass the legislature would just ignore it…..like they did with the tax rollback.  Court battles would ensue

    Even with the dire fiscal state of things now, they can still cling to “You think it’s bad now…just think how bad it would be if Q1 passed”.  

  • How about we open government projects to non-union labor so they won’t cost so damnde much?  If that won’t suffice….how about we open up the simple parts of projects to non-union labor?  Do we REALLY need Union guys to do drywalling and painting?  I’ve done drywalling, painting, roofing, landscaping, framing…..it’s not that difficult to do.

    I’ve said the say things many times.  When you look at the cost of roads compared to “Right to work” states we only get .75-.80 to their mile (if memory serves)….just shameful.

    When people complain about the cost of police details, they come up with the flagman proposal, the police unions fight it tooth and nail of course.  But the “prevailing wage” doctrine demands that flagman have to be paid union rates and and it save $4-5 an hour.  I had a relative visiting from South Carolina and on the way home from the airport she asked me why we paid for police to sit at that construction project ?  She was baffled.  There is no law that says we have to use police, but there is the “prevailing wage” law.

    When a significant portion of the pols come from union backgrounds, they are not likely to think otherwise.  Many have national unions to throw money into their campaign coffers.  And lest we forget the outstanding and “agenda-free” endorsements of publications like the Boston Globe (who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the butt, and are totally pro-union themselves)

    It’s not about who has the best ideas or solutions, it about bowing to those who got you elected.

    The only solution is to get the word out and “Vote with your feet”.

    I’ve actually been toying with the idea of trying to start a website to try to appeal to conservatives and the un-enrolled….not affiliated with any party.  Let’s face it, we’ll never change the thought process of the 20-30% of “dyed in wool” liberals who think government is the solution for all, and less than 25% (I think) of the rest of us are republican.  So if math serves that means almost half the voters (maybe more) have no great love of either party…..but the unenrolled almost always vote DEM, but they are malleable.  I’ve already parked a domain name (MASSVOTEWITHYOURFEET.COM)….Not quite sure where it will go (if at all), but the basic theme is going to be “ABD…anything but Democrat”. There are alot of folks out there that are conservative, libertarian, constitutionalists, Ron Paul enthusiasts, and some who don’t even know (but think they’re dems because their parent told them they were and they’re too young or naive  to ever question their beliefs).  The dems have been in control since the Tip O’Neil days and have created an unsustainable system of patronage, quasi-government agencies (who answer to no one).