Why I Voted For Question 1 And Would Do So Again

(Question 1 was a fantastic idea that suffered because of bad timing and well-heeled opposition. The Commonwealth doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.   – promoted by Garrett)

Question 1 was presented by the left as the end of civilization as we know it. I voted for Question 1 knowing that there would be substantial pain on a short term basis. My hope was that short term pain would lead to substantial long term reform. Consider the timing of the Q1 ballot initiative. What has happened since? The list is endless.

For starters we have seen the following since Q1 went down in flames:


2)Watered down ethics reform (maybe)

3)Implosion of the state’s transportation infrastructure

4)Marian Walsh

5)Pension abuses beyond imagination

6)Jim Aloisi

7)Jim’s sister

Did I miss something? Just wondering if Q1 would pass today. My guess is no and that may be exactly why reform will be watered down and ineffective.

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