USA Today Reports Govt. Debt At $63.8 Trillion

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 Leap in U.S. debt hits taxpayers with 12% more red ink

The 12% rise in red ink in 2008 stems from an explosion of federal borrowing during the recession, plus an aging population driving up the costs of Medicare and Social Security…

…USA TODAY used federal data to compute all government liabilities, from Treasury bonds to Medicare to military pensions.

Bottom line: The government took on $6.8 trillion in new obligations in 2008, pushing the total owed to a record $63.8 trillion.

The numbers measure what's needed today — set aside in a lump sum, earning interest — to pay benefits that won't be covered by future taxes.

Congress can reduce or increase the burden by changing laws that determine taxes and benefits for programs such as Medicare and Social Security.

That’s $63,800,000,000,000 and counting. At the rate that debt is accummulating and government is spending, it won’t be much longer before we add that next zero.

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