Time for “Star Wars.”

Reagan called for the Stategic Defense Initiative or “Star Wars” in 1983.  That same year, the Apple IIe was introduced with 64 Kilobytes of Ram and a 1 MegaHertz Processor.  Free market driven technology has come a long way over the past 26 years.  Now, the cost, speed and accuracy of such a system would be much more pragmatic.

In 2009 rogue nations are on the march.  North Korea has already launched nuclear missile tests.  Iran has rejected a western nuclear proposal while they send warships into international waters.  Yet Obama has already promised not to defend us with a missile shield.  He will not militarize space.  


Obama has already come to the realization that some of his National Security positions were far to radical and would make America weak.  It is time for his to reverse this position as well and protect us with this purely defensive technology.

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