The MTA wants your money

Today’s drive to the office included a radio spot from the Mass Teacher’s Association (MTA) calling for more “revenue.” Revenue as we all know is code for taxes. Certainly there is a cozy relationship between Deval and the MTA based on the MTA’s efforts in getting Deval elected and based on the MTA’s self serving efforts to torpedo question 1 last Fall. I have two questions.

#1-Given the unprecedented fiscal times we are living thru, how many local affiliates of the MTA have stepped up and made some effort in the form of a concession to save a colleague’s job?

#2-Has the Governor asked the MTA to work with cities and towns accross the commonwealth for the purpose of saving jobs?

If the answer to #1 is none and if the answer to #2 is no, then how dare you ask me to pay more taxes.

I await an answer.  

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