Sen. Hedlund’s responses to Globe survey

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I was one of the “few” senators who responded to the Globe’s informal poll of state senators. However, I guess Matt Viser didn’t find my answers worthy of being included in his story.

So to supplement the Globe’s coverage, I have decided to post the questions and my answers in their entirety.

Would you support tax increase of any kind? Yes or no?

Yes. I would support a new “hack tax” on patronage hires making more than $100,000 a year.

Would you support a sales tax increase?

Not until we pass transportation, pension, and ethics reform, nor until we start passing budgets that feature sustainable spending, nor until we eliminate wasteful spending programs, nor until we stop using 40B as corporate welfare for developers and instead adopt a new affordable housing policy that actually builds affordable housing, nor until we admit the $457 million “economic stimulus” package we passed back in 2006 did not stimulate the Commonwealth’s economy and was really just an excuse to pass a pork-laden bill, nor until we stop giving massive tax breaks to select industries.

If you would support a sales tax increase, would you support raising it to 6.25 percent?


Would you support raising the sales tax to 7 percent?


Would you support raising the sales tax beyond 7 percent?


Would you support raising the gas tax?

Not before meaningful transportation reform and not until we can demonstrate to the taxpayer that we are responsible stewards of their money.

If you would support raising the gas tax, would you support raising it by 19 cents per gallon?


If you would support raising the gas tax, what is the minimum you would support?


Would you support raising the income tax?

You mean after we roll back the “temporary” increase (to 5%), as we promised the taxpayers?  No.

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  • Thank you for representing us so well!

  • Gittle

    Thanks, Senator!  You’ll get an email from me soon.  I promise.

  • Jeanne

    First, for posting here.  Second, for responding to the media.  Third, for standing up for the conservative principle of fiscal responsibility.  Thank you Senator!

  • nomad943

    I suppose I should read the Globe story to see how others had responded, but I find reading the Globe leaves me feeling cheap and dirty.