Romney Blasts Obama Administration Calls Country “Less Safe” After First 100 Days

Mitt Romney at the NRA convention yesterday blasted Barack Obama, saying his security policies are leaving us vulnerable to attack. The Boston Globe has the story.

"It's the very kind of thinking that left America vulnerable to the attacks of Sept. 11th," Romney told the National Rifle Association's annual gathering. "And the approval of left-wing law professors and editorial boards won't be worth much if this country lets down its guard and suffers an attack." Even while declaring an end to interrogation practices he calls "torture," Obama has alienated many in his own party with a cautious approach to the issue. He has rebuffed calls to investigate Bush administration policymakers and release photographs that military leaders have said would be unnecessarily provocative.

The nation was vulnerable to attack on 9/11 because of the treatment of terrorism as a crime, not a military threat.  Multiple attacks led to no consistent military response throughout the 1990s.  This culminated in the attack on September 11, 2001.

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