Revenues Win Out Over Reforms

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The Senate finalized a $27.35 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2010 last Thursday.  Unfortunately, when all was said and done, revenues won out over reforms, with nearly $1 billion in new taxes inserted in the budget but only a handful of the Senate Republican Caucus’ $1.072 billion package of cost-saving reforms adopted.

Here’s a recap of the Caucus’ money-saving proposals and how they fared during this week’s debate:

– Repeal anti-privatization Pacheco Law (estimated savings: $150-$300 million) – Rejected 11-28;

– Increase the cost ceiling on projects not subject to the Pacheco Law from $200,000 to $2 million – Approved 24-15;

– Repeal the Film Tax Incentive ($110 million) – Further amended by Senator Downing to require a study, Approved 33-6;

– Eliminate the Lottery advertising account ($2 million) – Rejected 12-27;

– Require Medicaid recipients to enroll in managed care plans ($150 million) – Rejected on voice vote;

– Prescription medication waste reduction ($75 million) – Approved on voice vote;

– One-year wage increase and hiring freeze for all state agencies and departments ($140 million); Rejected 9-28;

– Require agency reports to be distributed solely through electronic means ($10 million) – Rejected on voice vote;

– Expedite sale of surplus state lands ($25 million) – Rejected 6-33;

– Extend pension liability funding schedule by three years ($300 million) – Rejected on voice vote;

– Eliminate prescription drug mandate from Commonwealth Care ($10 million) – Rejected on voice vote;

– Private sponsorship of state facilities and assets ($25 million) – Rejected on voice vote;

– Repeal combined reporting for corporate taxes ($50 million) – Rejected 5-34

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