Required reading for the hard right: Wake up the Reagan era is over!

Time magazine, the reviled Time MSM, tells the truth about the GOP. So what if it’s a liberal narrative on the sad state of the GOP, it’s mostly spot on. Read it and rather than weep start paying attention where the country’s moved (Hint: the country’s moved beyond the cocooning Limbaugh echo chamber shrieking RINO).

Key points for the busy set:

John McCain’s campaign manager recently described his party as basically extinct on the West Coast, nearly extinct in the Northeast and endangered in the Mountain West and Southwest.

With his dramatic plans to restructure Wall Street and Detroit, overhaul health care and create a clean-energy economy, Obama is certainly taking political risks, even if he hasn’t gotten around to replacing the almighty dollar with some new, one-world currency the black-helicopter crowd keeps warning about. But it’s not clear that the Republicans in their current incarnation would be a credible alternative if he falters.

House Republicans, eager to shed the Party of No label, recently unveiled an alternative to Obama’s 2010 budget. It was the kind of fiasco that shows why Washington thinks Republicans are in trouble – and why they really are in trouble.

The disaster began when GOP leaders, after calling a news conference to blast Obama’s numbers, released a budget outline with no numbers – just magic assumptions about “reform.” The mockery was instantaneous. Then Republicans began blaming one another for the stunt, which generated only more mockery about circular firing squads. And when they finally released the missing details on April 1, the notion of an April Fools’ budget produced even more mockery; the substance was ignored. “The President’s dog got more attention,” recalls Paul Ryan, the top Republican on the House Budget Committee.

But if you pay attention, the GOP alternative is not just a p.r. disaster. It’s a radical document, making Bush’s tax cuts permanent while adding about $3 trillion in new tax cuts skewed toward the rich. It would replace almost all the stimulus – including tax cuts for workers as well as spending on schools, infrastructure and clean energy – with a capital gains-tax holiday for investors.

And lastly so as not to violate RMG Fair Use rules here’s a compelling point:

Hispanics, Asians and blacks are on track to be the majority in three decades; metropolitan voters and young voters who skew Democratic are also on the rise. This is why Rogers recently decided to quit being a talking head: “I had a meeting with myself, and I said, Do we really need more white lobbyists with gray hair on TV?” But it’s not clear that more diverse spokesmen or better tweets can woo a new generation to the GOP; support for gay rights is soaring, and polls show that voters prefer Democratic approaches to health care, education and the economy. “The outlook for Republicans is even worse than people think,” says Ruy Teixeira, author of The Emerging Democratic Majority. “Their biggest problem is that they really believe what they believe.”

The Party is almost extinct in the Northeast which  is catastrophic for taxpayers and reform types. The electorate that voted for Bush in 2004 is not that radically different that the electorate that voted for Obama in 2008. Figure it out.  

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