Quasi-State Agencies

Let’s control state spending, but the question no one can seem to answer… just how big is MA State Government?


They’re called Quasi-Public Agencies.  The people who head some of these agencies make more than the governor.

Lots of money.  Big salaries.  Very little oversight. WCVB NewsCenter 5 tonight at 11pm

(Wed May 20th)

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  • I have a good friend that works for a quasi-public. He insists that he does not work for the state. We usually move onto another topic since we both agree to disagree. You’ve asked a valid question. I believe there should be a comprehensive analysis done of quasis and it should be done by a reputable CPA firm. Let’s find out once and for all what goes on in these hack hide aways.  

  • I work for an entity that is attached to the state for benefits, but we generate our own $$$$ for salaries.

    Do we count as “quasi”?