Pike Hike Turns to Highway Robbery

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Remember when the toll hike was supposed to be delayed until July 1? Well,

the MTA has already printed and are passing out erroneous toll tickets

with increased fairs to unwitting drivers.

A member of the group “stop the pike hike” periodically drives from Exit 4

to Exit 15, and last Saturday noticed that something had changed. When he

got his ticket, it was not the $3.85 as it had previously been, but

instead it was $4.10, which is what he was charged upon exiting the Pike.

When he sent an email to the MTA regarding the overcharge he received the

following response: “Thank you for contacting us. The toll is still $3.85

for the travel points you traveled. Originally, the rates were to go up

$.25 on July 1 and tickets were printed accordingly. The new tickets will

be used, but the actual toll will remain the same at $3.85.”

Founder of the group, Mike Kelleher said “there seems to be a real issue

of trust.  This just adds to an impressive list of mismanagement and

ineptitude leading to dissatisfactory customer service. It’s time to hold

them accountable; it’s time to close the tolls”.

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