Mass. Young Republican Young Voter Outreach Fundraising Drive

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The MA Young Republican Young Voter outreach and training co-sponsored with the Brookline GOP Town Committee was a huge success. We want to continue our outreach to young voters to bring them into the GOP.  Please click on the ChipIn below to make a donation, and follow us as we raise this money.  

We want to raise $5,000 by June 1 to pay for more trainings around the state.  Working with City and Town Committees to bring in new members, this money will go to pay for communications to young voters using new and traditional media, to pay for similar trainings around the state, to hosting events for city and town committees to increase membership, to promote the Republican brand through community service, and to find, recruit and train the NOW generation of candidates.

We also invite everyone to the MFYR 2009 State Convention/New Media Summit on Saturday June 13. For more information, please visit If you help with this drive by making a donation of $40.00 or more you can attend the entire State Convention/New Media Day.  Registration is currently at $50.00 (and going up on June 1) so this is a savings.  Please join us, and help bring in young voters back into the party.  Barack Obama raised money this way – let’s raise it for our side, too.  

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