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In today’s Op-Ed piece in the Globe, Bob DeLeo comes off as intellectually dishonest and defensive. He makes the following opening statement:

IN THE few months I have been speaker, the Massachusetts House has done what many thought it was incapable of doing: Amid a global economic downturn and statewide fiscal crisis, the House has embraced change and reform.

Well Bob, if this isn’t the time for change, then when should we expect change? One could argue that change should occur whether we are in prosperous times or times of economic calamity. DeLeo has not been a backbencher over these past few years. He has been an active member in the House leadership. His “go along to get along” mantra may be part of the reason we are in this mess to begin with. I ask the following:

1) When he and his fellow reps voted for Sal in January was there an honest expectation that he would be around any longer than the month or so that defined his 2009 term? Since Sal benefited from the “one-day, one-year” rule, how are we to believe that you are serious about pension reform? Or is pension reform only for those that do not serve in the House or Senate? Or worse, did you truly wish to help your pal pad his pension as he left for the golf course?

2) What about earmarks? As the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee in the House, how is it that this highly suspect, immoral, and certainly unethical practice was allowed to become a defined part of the budget process? It was known that last year’s budget was problematic yet this bit of special interest pork was allowed almost as if we were back in the budget bloated tech days of the 90’s.

3) Why now on transportation? Weren’t you aware that our transportation issues were a ticking time bomb? Did you not know of the disgraceful and insulting retirement arrangement that the MBTA had with its employees? Haven’t we known for years that our transportation mess was nothing more than a fiscal shellgame?

I could go on. Mr. DeLeo, your Op-Ed pat on your back is dishonest and insulting to those of us that know better. You and your colleagues have their DNA all over these issues and you in particular, as a member of “management,” should be the last person to stand and say “look at me, I am part of the solution.” I am looking at you and you are one of a few members of leadership in the cesspool of a building that you call home that have created this mess. Real reform includes insuring that waste, fraud, corruption, inefficiency, and criminality are removed from a process that is part of your culture. Real reform does not start with an Op-Ed in the Boston Globe that tells the world how special you are. Quite leadership, prompt actions, and developing the balls to tell the truth would serve you better.

You are now doing the impossible. You have made Deval Patricklook like a leader. That is hard to do!

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