Legislative Hypocrisy

Senator Murray and her pals in the Senate appear to be hypocrits at best and dishonest at worst. As we embark on another week of Ethics Reform dialog, it appears that asking the legislature to clean up after themselves is practically impossible. It’s the culture of entitlement and greed that ultimately gets us nowhere on ethics reform. Again, how is it possible that the Legislature is making Deval Patrick look like Abe Lincoln?

The article from today’s Herald, the new paper of record, is below.

A gift for doublespeak

By Dave Wedge  |   Sunday, May 17, 2009  |  

Senate President Therese Murray, Sen. Richard Moore and Sen. Mark Montigny have all tapped into their campaign accounts for gifts to supporters, including stuffed teddy bears, dinners, cigars and American Express gift cards.

But the trio was also the driving force behind a new law that bans pharmaceutical companies from giving gifts to doctors.

The pharmaceutical gift ban, signed into law by Gov. Deval Patrick last year, prohibits drug makers from handing out swag to doctors, including gift cards, restaurant vouchers or even pens bearing a company logo. The senators argued that the gifts were a form of bribery. But campaign-financed gift-giving is a tried-and-true practice for all three solons.

Montigny has handed out $560 in cigars, gifted sports tickets and gave one backer a $187 wedding present from cookware company Williams-Sonoma. Murray has sprung for thousands in meals, bears, chocolates and gift certificates for staff and supporters, while Moore has handed out hundreds in AmEx gift cards to staffers.

Sounds like a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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