Hey Chairman Nassour, what’s the “America Dream?”

If you received an appeal letter asking for a  donation and there was a glaring typo in the first paragraph, would you:

a) Pass it off as an honest mistake and donate anyways?

b) Send them a letter pointing it out and donate anyways?

c) Say “more of the same” and tear it up?

d) Blog about it on RMG, send it back to them with the typo highlighted and point it out to everyone you know that probably also received it?

Well, since you are reading this, you know which choice I made!

As with all appeals I receive, I opened the one from the Jennifer Nassour, the embattled chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party. Though I had no intention of donating, for personal financial reasons, I like to see what other people are writing to raise money. Unfortunately, I never got past the first paragraph:

In less than three months Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have single-handedly done more to destroy the America Dream than any two individuals in U.S. history!

If you didn’t pick up on the typo, re-read it carefully. I’ve heard of the “American Dream,” but this “America Dream” is new to me.

With the money shortage at the party, maybe they don’t have the resources to hire a proofreader. But they are the official state party organization. They need to be held to a higher standard, and leaving such a glaring typo in the first paragraph of an appeal letter just can’t be ignored or brushed off.

I call on everyone, for the price of a postage stamp, to mail this appeal letter back to Jennifer Nassour with the typo highlighted. Maybe the next time they decide to send out an appeal letter they will check it twice.

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