GOP’s Shrinking Base

(A few people forwarded this poll to me but I was too busy to write about it. George W. Bush probably set the Republican Party back a generation.

Thanks Dubya! Compassionate conservatism was totally awesome!   – promoted by Garrett)

Go ahead and dismiss this as another moonbat rant.  It will be yet another example of folks sticking their heads in the sand, pretending the Republican Brand will rise once again.  Have you read the latest Gallup Poll?  The one that indicates the GOP is losing support in every demographic group–except those who attend church weekly and those 65 and older (and those currently in that demo are shrinking, by definition).

Look at the link provided and scroll down to mid page and the erosion of support is eye popping…10% erosion in Republican IDs among college graduates, 9% erosion among under 30 yr old and it just goes on and on.

Of course, all this does is add the demographic layer to the geographic GOP loses found looking at the 2008 electoral map.  It goes hand in hand that a weak geographic base would also show demographic erosion.

Keep those chins high and that smile wide…because that’s about all ya got!

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